What should a good plastic mold designer look like?

Many plastic mold designers get the product and then start to rush into the mold. In fact, don’t rush to split the model after you get the product. The most important thing is to check the product structure, modify product tolerances, and pull out the mold. Some products will be different. When you preprocess the parting surface of the product, you can basically determine its structure and gate location. Of course, these will eventually be confirmed with the customer.

Confirm that the product is unreasonable. Some plastic mold designers may ask, after analyzing the product structure, can they start designing molds? Of course, the answer is no. If you want to reduce detours and make modifications in the design process, you must understand the customer’s requirements for the mold. These must meet the customer’s requirements.

It is difficult to confirm the tonnage and model type of the injection molding machine used by the customer. You cannot determine the entrance diameter of the mold sprue bushing and the diameter of the positioning ring. The size and position of the hole, even the size of the template, the height of the mold, and so on. You have worked hard to design a good plastic mold structure, and you have a sense of accomplishment. The customer cannot produce the mold, the thickness of the mold does not match the customer’s injection molding machine, and the customer does not accept the design. Good mold, it is estimated that people will be dumbfounded.

Analyze the problems of products and product lines, product materials and shrinkage rates. Don’t think that the shrinkage rate of ABS plastic must be 0.5%, it must be approved by customers. Find out what grade they are ultimately used in production, whether any modified materials have been added, and so on. When conditions permit, it is best to be familiar with the assembly relationship of the product and how to use the product.

This information is very helpful for the future plastic mold structure design. Because you know this, you know what is and what is not. Where can the draft angle be easily increased, and which areas cannot be changed. Even if the structure of some products is included, if you understand the actual assembly relationship and purpose of the product, you will know which reverse structure can be cancelled or changed or changed to another simple form.

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