How to process the heat-treated steel in the plastic mold?

Under normal circumstances, the workpiece will deform after heat treatment. Some face is concave, some face is convex, the hardness is hard, and some oblique top deformation is serious, and the processing is more difficult. The larger and thicker the workpiece, the deformation is less, and the processing is easier. Therefore, the processing method should be determined according to the size of the workpiece.

Before and after the plastic mold, the mold core, slider, and mold plate are roughened by large water milling. The margin of the steel material is generally about 50-60 wire. The precision requirements of the mold core and slider in the plastic mold are quite high. Therefore, before processing the workpiece, check the size of each part of the workpiece to see if the margin is sufficient and balanced, especially the stepped workpiece must be carefully locked, so that you have a reasonable number of overtime workpiece faces. Therefore, it is avoided that the margin of one surface is excessively milled, and the margin of the other surface is insufficient, which causes the workpiece to be directly scrapped.

Therefore, in the water milling process, first grind a surface of the workpiece, try to choose the deformed side to grind first, control the margin, smooth the grinding wheel before grinding, and do not repair the grinding wheel too fine before roughing. The surface of the work surface should be wiped clean, magnetized, power on, raise the machine head, set the knife, slip a knife gently, watch the sparks on the surface of the workpiece, raise 10-20 wire, turn on the automatic , Slide the tool again, adjust the stroke of the front and back, left and right swings, gently feed the tool while sliding the tool, turn on the cutting fluid for cooling, slowly feed the tool until sparks are rubbed, look at the scale and reset the scale to zero, which is convenient for remembering the machining How much margin is left depends on the size of the sparks to determine the amount of cutting. Because the heat-treated workpiece is hard, the grinding wheel will be very difficult and difficult to chew during the grinding process. Therefore, the grinding wheel must be constantly repaired to ensure the sharpness of the grinding wheel. It is easy to grind the surface of the workpiece quickly, and finally a few light knifes are used to make the surface of the workpiece smooth and flat.Then put the polished surface on the machine table to grind the surface, and perform the operation by the above method to directly process the workpiece in place.

Then take the ground top and bottom as the reference plane, and use the PS jig to make a right angle. Different workpieces adopt different clamping methods. Use the polished top and bottom to stick the two vertical surfaces of the PS, and then lock it with a wrench. , The other side of the workpiece should not exceed the side of the PS. Wipe the PS clean. Place the front of the PS on the table for grinding. Stop when the light is seen, and then stop the machine. Take down the PS, clean it, and wipe the table clean to ensure the workpiece Then put the side of the PS flat on the worktable and apply magnetism; light this surface of the workpiece, control the margin, and then take the workpiece out of the PS. You must pay attention to the burr of the workpiece. It must be cleaned up, and the work surface must be cleaned, otherwise it will affect the verticality of the workpiece.

Detect the workpiece, measure the verticality of the workpiece through the testing instrument, and the difference between the front and the back. If the verticality is unqualified, the workpiece will be squared again by the above method; if it is qualified within the tolerance range, the other two It is worth noting that different workpieces have different processing methods and methods. No matter which surface is processed, the burrs of the workpiece must be cleaned, and the machine table surface must be cleaned. Ensure the accuracy of the workpiece.
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