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Wonder Mould offers Custom Plastic mold Making, Plastic Injection Molding Services

We are a high-class plastic mold company & plastic molding china manufacturer located in Humen Town, Dongguan city of China, with the capability to design and build inexpensive and efficient plastic molds and parts and ship products to America, Europe, and the world. Whether your project needs are for a few hundred of parts in a short period or millions of parts over a long period, we’ll have the right injection mold & molding solution to save the cost for you

To work with us, we do not just stop at taking your order and offer you moulds and molding parts, we work together at every step all the way, in the design and function testing until the end of the project, we will review all of the possible potential issues and bring all of the suggestion to you. After the first sample parts coming out, our expert team will send you samples and review the parts, and we will re-sample for you from time to time until you have the perfect goods in surface, function, assembly, etc, until completely achieve your goal, your will find out we are the best plastic mold company that to support your business.

For export Plastic molds:
We have rich experience in export molds manufacturing, our molds are shipped to American and all of Europe, the mold standard we use HASCO, DEM, MISUMI, MEUSBURGE, PROGRESSIVE, etc, or according to customer requirement, the hot runner systems for the moulds we use YUDO, INCOE, SYNVENTIVE, HASCO, MOLD MASTER, HUSKY, etc, or use hot runner base on the customer special requirement. The mold cavity steel we always use the high-quality steel, export molds steel we use 1.2738H, 1.2738HH, 1.2344, 1.2343, S136, NAK 80 or use steel according to the customer needs.

For none export injection molds:
If you need us to produce plastic molding parts for you, we have the modern efficient plastic injection machines to mold your parts efficiently, and inexpensively. Our plastic molding company has injection molding machines from 60 tons to 2000 tons to suit your different requirements, 3 sets of machines are 2K injection molding machines which are for two-color molding parts service, we produce two/single color mold, multiple cavities mold, over-molding, 2K molding, insert molding, gas assist mold, transparent plastic injection molding etc.

We do not only offer plastic mold/molding manufacturing services, but also have silk-screen, pad printing, painting, and assembly service. Quality and service is a hallmark of our operation, special tight lead time (15 days) which is offered for some special case, with ISO-9001:2008 quality system in place to control the quality of the product.

Plastic molding company
Our Plastic molding company has injection machines from 60T – 2000T to support various customers

As you can tell from our website that we are a professional plastic mold maker and molding company, our goal is to help your business, to success, your project with our best solutions on injection molds and injection molded parts, techniques, assembly, and specialized moulding processes, so that you can make the most advisable decisions about which supplier is the best partner for your business. below we have a more valuable suggestion for you to make a decision based on your production and quality needs. The more you know, the better your choices will be. If you want to know more suggestions from our team, please contact our technical team, we will offer you the best solutions to reduce the cost to your project and make your project going fastly, smoothly and successfully. We are proud of our reputation gained around two decades supplying high-quality plastic molds and plastic molding parts to customers in Germany, American, Spain, Lithuania, Canada, Italy, Dubai, China, Thailand, Mexico, and other major industrial nations. So far, our reputation as being an on-time reliable, quality and cost-effective supplier has been growing, Our passion for Injection moulds and moulding shows in our products and in the way we care for our customers.

Are you ready to start your plastic injection mold/molding project now? Contact our team and let us be your partner all the way together, you will be 100$ happy by our service.

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