Talk about the specific characteristics of using plastic molds

Easy to process, low cost Through the mature plastic molding process at this stage, compared with the metal shell, the plastic mold is more controllable in mass production, and the production process is relatively metal. The shell is also relatively simple, so in addition to low cost, plastic molds can also reduce unnecessary time and waste of processing resources.

Light weight, sufficient strength and hardness. There is no doubt that the weight of plastic molds is lighter than that of metal shells, so take the Nokia era as an example. Usually use a kind of plastic material called polycarbonate, its strength and fatigue resistance are also very good, otherwise it will not be able to get the title of mobile phone. At the same time, another advantage of plastics is that they have a certain degree of flexibility. When the fall is affected, they can return to their original state. Compared with metal drops, it is not so optimistic. It is basically a pit and it is difficult to recover.

is easy to color and has almost no effect on the signal. Compared with metal materials, plastic molds can always make more colors. The current plastic coloring methods also include spraying and mixing. Of course, mixing is the most advantageous coloring process for plastics. As for how to make the color look great, it depends on the material.

Therefore, the use of plastic molds of the same color is different. Colored materials tend to show great differences. In addition, the insulating properties of plastic greatly avoid conflicts with mobile phone signals, while metal mobile phone cases usually use materials that can transmit electromagnetic waves, that is, insulating materials, which will undoubtedly affect the signal.

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