How is the coloring of injection mold processing?

Injection molds are now widely used.The plastic injection molds on the market are colorful and different in color, so how are the plastic injection molds processed in Dongguan colored?Below Dongguan PTJInjection moldThe factory will briefly introduce the three commonly used coloring methods for injection molding, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

  • 1. The compound pigment coloring method is the most accurate coloring technology for Dongguan injection mold processing. It can produce accurate, reproducible and appropriate shades of color, which is most suitable for small batch production.Most commercial plastics are colored on injection molding machines, while most engineering plastics are already colored when they are sold.
  • 2. Injection mold processing color masterbatch coloring method is divided into two kinds of granular material and liquid material, which can be adjusted into a variety of colors.Among them, pellets are the most common. The color masterbatch can be used by mixing the plastic with the color masterbatch, and the mixture or the color masterbatch can be actually transported into the injection molding machine.Its advantages are: cheaper colors, reduced dust problems, lower raw material costs, and more convenient storage.
  • 3. The dry toner coloring method for injection molding is the cheapest, and its disadvantage is that it is dusty and dirty when used.To ensure uniform and accurate color in the production process, you can use a specific size bag or carton to fill the correct amount of dry toner.When using dry toner for coloring, the surface of the plastic particles must be covered with a uniform colorant so that the color can be evenly dispersed in the melt. The mixing method and time must be standardized to ensure uniform coloring.After the coloring step is determined, it must be persevering.In addition, it is also necessary to prevent the toner from absorbing moisture during storage, otherwise it is easy to abrupt and cause markings on the injection mold.

It can be seen that the three injection mold processing and coloring methods have their own strengths. We need to choose the appropriate coloring method according to our products so that the processed products can meet our requirements and minimize the cost and maximize economic benefits. .

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