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Wonder Moulds has been constantly innovating and developing new mold design concepts for many years, and gradually improved the measures to deal with the defects of various injection molding processes. It is a factory integrating mold design, mold manufacturing, injection molding processing and assembly; its main areas of expertise There are: precision instruments and meters, medical shells, engineering infrastructure, etc.

The mold company is strong, with world-class mold R&D capabilities and in-depth mold expertise, and has a mold engineer R&D and technical support team composed of more than 30 mold engineers with a bachelor degree or above (including more than 10 high-end mold R&D engineers and more than 30 Professional mold manufacturing engineers, mold and product designers,); have mold CNC machining center, mold computer spark machine, mold data control gong bed, mold computer injection molding machine and other foreign advanced mold processing equipment, equipped with professional painting, silk screen, Pad printing and other mold shell production lines, with the introduction of foreign advanced technology and technology and the design and assembly of mold products, adopt modern mold management mode, and implement a comprehensive mold quality management and mold service system.

We Focus On Plastic Moulds For 30 Years

It has first-class processing capabilities from prototype molds to standard molds: products include: model molds, MUD overmolds, mass production molds, metal overmolds, and have the following one-stop solutions: plastic products from 1g to 250g, MUD molds, and complex Slide block, injection molding machine tonnage from 50T to 250T, multi-cavity mold, hot runner, thin rubber products, overmold, special fixture, rotary injection molding machine, surface treatment, silk screen

  1. We have 30 years of experience in OEM cooperation with connector giants
    Possess a mold ERP mold project management system.
  2. The engineers are all highly educated, rich in design experience, and come from high-end mold companies such as Foxconn, Flextronics, Amphenol, FCI and so on.
  3. We have an independent team to support quality and delivery.
  4. We have a good working environment and provide our employees with organic and pollution-free vegetables.

Good product should not only be limited to transparency, but also focus on strength and abrasion resistance, and good impact resistance and heat resistance. Our production team has rich experience in injection molding and mold design of PC/, transparent ABS/PPMA/PPSU, etc.

We have a surface treatment center that can complete plastic spray paint (including shielding paint, two-component paint), plastic printing (including silk screen, pad printing, hot stamping), electroplating and laser engraving (laser marking) and other processes

We have strict 8D quality inspection standards and have passed ISO9001 and other certifications to ensure that each batch of products undergoes strict quality control before being delivered to customers.

The mold R&D and design center is controlled by a master who has more than 20 years of injection mold design. The staff are all highly educated and formally trained designers (business scope: mold design, mold flow analysis, etc.)

Complete and sophisticated cutting-edge equipment, professional scientific and technological talents, efficient and reliable team, people-oriented service concept and other core advantages. Adhere to sustainable development as the guide, innovation and truth-seeking; to meet the corporate purpose of serving customers, reputation first, pioneering and innovating, making continuous progress in cooperation and advancing with the times, no matter the past, present and future, Wonder is your reliable cooperation partner.


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