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When custom moulds, the mould tooling equipment is very important, when the moulds have optimal mould design, they need precision tooling machines to make the precise machining. On the other hand, if the machines are very precise, but we do not care the operation and process of the machining, we cannot get the correct dimensions that we want.

Below is the example:

we can use a new Taiwanese CNC milling machine to approach an 1000mm length part with the tolerance ﹢/- 0.03mm. But many mould company they cannot realize this precision. It is because of the operation and process.

We always think that the grinding machines is suitable for the plate surface finishing, but if you know the process of the grinding machines, a flat grinding machine can also realize the curve shape or some narrow channel’s grinding.

All the components in the mould, they were made by different kinds of machining process, for example the round parts, the best way should be made by lathe machine and then round grinding machining. Your cannot use high speed milling machines to get the same result. This we call it the components machining process. It is talked about to choose which type of machining, which machining is in the beginning and which is later. It is also talk about which critical points we need to take care, sometimes is workshop temperature, sometimes is force from inside of the steel (metal)…

So when you custom moulds from a mould company, please check their machining capacity, the machining capacity is combined with machining managements, machining process knowledge…


Tooling Machine name Tooling Machine model nr. Tooling Machine quantity Tooling Machine Origin Tooling Machine picture
CNC milling Machine 1300x800x600mm 3 sets Taiwan CNC milling Machine
1. CNC milling center
2. CNC milling center 1600x850x800mm 4 sets Taiwan taiwan CNC milling center
3. CNC milling center 2100x1200x1200mm 4 sets Taiwan large CNC milling center
4. CNC milling center 3200x1500x1200mm 2 sets Taiwan longmen CNC milling center
5. CNC milling center 6000x2300x1500mm 2 sets Taiwan large longmen CNC milling center
6. high speed CNC milling center 1300x850x800mm 3 sets Italy Italy high speed CNC milling center
7. high speed CNC milling center 1600x1200x1000mm 2 sets German German high speed CNC milling center
8. 5 axis high speed CNC milling center 2300x1600x1100mm 1 set Italy 5 axis high speed CNC milling center
Gun drilling machine 1800x diameter 24 2 sets HongKang Hongkang Gun drilling machine
1. gun drilling machine
2. gun drilling machine 1600 x dia24mm x 360 degree 1 set Hongkang hongkang gun drilling machine
EDM machine Small to bigger size 6 sets Taiwan taiwan edm machine
1. EDM machine
2. EDM machine 2 head 2 sets Taiwan Taiwan EDM machine
3. EDM machine 600x400x350mm 1 set Japan Japan EDM machine
4. EDM machine 800x500x400mm 1 set Sweden sweden EDM machine
Wire cutting Small to bigger size 8 sets Taiwan taiwan Wire cutting
1. Wire cutting machine
2. precise wire cutting machine 2 sets Japan japan precise wire cutting machine
2 sets Sweden Sweden precise wire cutting machine
Lathe machine Biggest dia 600mm 16 sets China china lathe machine
1.rough lathe machine lathe machine Biggest dia 500mm 8 sets China/Taiwan China/Taiwan digital lathe machine
3.high speed automatic lathe machine Biggest dia 300mm 3 sets Japan japan high speed automatic lathe machine
Grinding machine Big size 4 sets Taiwan Taiwan Grinding machine
1. big size grinding machine
2. small size grinding machine Small size 32 sets Taiwan taiwan small size grinding machine
Pressing machine 320 ton & 200 ton 2 sets China china Pressing machine
Boring machine Vertical & horizontal 2 sets / 2 sets China china Boring machine
Plastic molding machine Standard from 80ton to 3000ton 18 sets Dakumar China Dakumar China Plastic molding machine
Plastic molding machine High speed demag 288TON 1 set German german Plastic molding machine
Plastic molding machine Bi-injection 330TON 1 set Dakumar China Dakumar China Plastic molding machine
PVC molding machine PVC special 2 sets Dakumar China Dakumar China PVC molding machine
PET molding machine PET special 2 sets Dakumar China Dakumar China PET molding machine

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