PET Mould

The PET mold adopts 3D computer graphics design, and can be matched with various domestic and foreign brands of machines. According to customer requirements, various blowing molds can be produced, such as: advertising bottles, shampoo, medicine bottles, soy sauce bottles, frozen bottles, PET Moulds for easy-opening cans, mineral water bottles, hot-filled bottles, carbonated beverage bottles, white wine packaging boxes, etc.

Characteristics of PET mold

  • The PET mold adopts 3D computer drawing design to improve the success rate of bottle blowing.
  • The PET mold is made of alloy steel and stainless steel, which is durable and stable.
  • Short, improve production efficiency.
  • Various types of molds are designed and manufactured, and preforms can be designed according to the bottle body.
  • The parts and components in the production process are all processed by high-precision measuring instruments and high-precision machinery.
  • The product control process is strictly controlled, and the product quality is guaranteed.
  • Cooperating with customers for joint research and development, design and manufacturing.

Among them, the selection and production process of mold steel for liquor packaging box molds will be very different from other products.

As a domestic professional manufacturer of PET molds (preform molds, preform molds, tube blank molds, tube blank molds, PET molds, liquor packaging box molds), we have 3 series of PET preform molds, including double-lock pneumatic needle valves Preform mold, double lock adjustable eccentric pneumatic needle valve preform mold, ordinary non-gate preform mold. The company uses advanced CAD for mold-assisted design. The shape of the preform is optimized and stretched according to the final plastic bottle sample. Ensure the final plastic bottle molding quality. Double-lock pneumatic needle valve preform mold and double-lock adjustable eccentric pneumatic needle valve preform mold adopt a multi-stage taper positioning system to ensure that the thickness of the plastic preform is consistent. At the same time, New Vision Molding is unique The heat flow to the system ensures the same pressure in each cavity and the PET flow ratio

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