Many key factors must be fully considered when designing plastic injection molds

For the current competition among the plastic mold manufacturing industries, the cost of mold and injection molding processing is a topic of concern for many companies. Injection mold manufacturers must consider how to reduce costs and create economic benefits during the entire process of mold design. When designing plastic injection molds, many key factors must be fully considered:

1. Injection cost

According to the size of the machinery and equipment, how much money is needed for each bottle of beer, the method and points for the qualified products of the enterprise are determined. The more the total number of mold outlets, the lower the cost of injection molding. Because in the injection molding process, cost accounting is calculated based on the number of beer.

2. Enterprise product appearance

Determine the parting surface according to the enterprise product appearance standard. The position of the parting surface should be conducive to mold processing, venting, demoulding, etc. The larger the enterprise product, the greater the safety hazard of appearance problems.

3. Nozzle method

Confirm the shape, size and exhaust direction of the main runner and branch runner. Hot runner mold cost is high, but it saves nozzle cost. Each has its pros and cons, depending on how to choose the number of users.

4. Demoulding of enterprise products

Confirm the ejection method and arrange the ejector position. The larger the ejection position, the higher the mold cost.
In the design of plastic molds, it is also necessary to consider the shrinkage rate and injection time of the company’s products, determine the cooling or heating mode, and arrange the location of the cooling channel. Consider the service life of the mold and confirm the hardness, thickness and size of the mold material. And the difficulty of processing, determine the parting of the injection molded part and the shape of the thread cutting structure. If all aspects of the left and right steps are integrated and comprehensively analyzed and weighed, cost savings can be effectively guaranteed.

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