What are the taboos that cannot appear in the design of plastic molds

What are the taboos that cannot appear in the design of plastic molds

Since there are multiple plans for the structure and shape of plastic molds, there is almost no exactly the same mold, but the mold structure of the same product can have multiple planning plans, and the best plan can be selected from multiple planning plans. Therefore, plastic mold planning must have a clear intention and a deep understanding of innovation. Plastic mold planning must strive to optimize, planners must overcome the shortcomings of weak sense of responsibility and weak quality awareness, and establish the concept of “mold quality is planning”!

3D modeling requirements can be considered in detail, 2D drawing requirements can reach the production of parts, planners cannot use the tense planning task as a reason, in order to complete the task without considering the quality and cost of the plastic mold. Customers are first, users are first, we can’t just talk about it. The real demand is to meet the expectations of customers. First of all, we must start with the optimization of the plastic mold structure planning.

Taboo plastic mold planning violated the guidelines. Mold planning must follow a reliable structure and first-class quality standards, meet customer expectations, and avoid premature mold failure. The structure, principle and requirements of the planned mold and parts are correct and reasonable, otherwise the result is likely to be catastrophic, as shown in the plan.

Conceptual failure planning mechanical drawing rules, hole size only allows positive value, shaft size only allows negative value, and its unmarked tolerance value is HT12 accuracy. The plane contact block and the seat hole as shown in the figure can be regarded as the connection between the shaft and the hole, so the plane contact block does not need to be reduced by 1mm. Therefore, planners and manufacturers need to understand this basic knowledge.

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