Daily maintenance of injection molds is also very important

Developing an injection mold is not a trivial matter. In addition to expensive processing costs, it also takes a lot of time to communicate. Therefore, the protection of injection molds is particularly important. The quality of injection mold maintenance directly affects the life of the mold, because the mold occupies a larger share of the production cost of the injection molding processing enterprise, so the longer the life of the injection mold, the more beneficial it is for the enterprise to reduce the cost of the injection product.

The maintenance personnel responsible for the daily maintenance of the mold must work steadily and carefully to ensure that the mold is in the best condition, practical and economical during production, and reduce production costs as much as possible. The importance of protection and maintenance of injection molds If you do not pay attention to the maintenance of injection molds, the quality of injection molds will degrade prematurely.

Various quality problems may occur in injection molds, such as rust and poor surface finish. The decline in the quality of injection molds will reduce the quality of injection products, increase the rejection rate, and even fail to produce qualified products. At that time, investing a lot of money to install new molds from the beginning will cause a lot of waste.

How to maintain and protect the injection mold? First of all, maintenance instructions: When the injection mold is maintained, you need to check the parts according to the drawings. Even if there is no special instructions, it must be checked during storage; it is not allowed to modify the size of mold parts that do not comply with the drawing rules, or use gaskets or gaskets for additional penetration, etc.; mold repairs after the production order is completed, you need to refer to the production part provided Problem points, the records of the production part, and the final product; if major problems are found during mold maintenance, they should immediately report to the supervisor and wait for instructions.

Secondly, the specific requirements for injection mold maintenance: when replacing mold parts, confirm the quality of the replacement parts; tapping and slowly pressurizing all parts of the disassembly and assembly; when assembling the inserts, admit that the fit gap is qualified; prevent the surface of the parts from warping and scratching Marks, pits, scum, incompleteness, rust, etc.; if there are parts replacement, communicate with the mold design department in time for confirmation, and pay attention to maintaining the balance of the parts before and after the mold is removed; if necessary, the replacement parts must be replaced in time.

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