The main function parameters of the main parts of plastic mold molding

Plastic molds are mainly one of the high-pressure vessels in the management center of the reverse osmosis management system. Before the application process, due to assembly errors, it is necessary to read through the main parameters of the plastic mold parts. All functions of the plastic mold parts will be immediately endangered. It is ineffective to wear out mold parts, leak water, crack edges, and even cause life safety accidents.

Plastic mold parts can intercept bacteria, but cannot kill them. No matter how good the interception rate is, plastic mold cannot ensure that bacteria will not grow in the clean area for a long time. If there are bacteria, it is likely to multiply. It is immediately harmful to passing water bodies. For example, in some purified aquatic products, clusters of Aspergillus flavus with transparent flocculent white flocs appear, which is mainly caused by the pollution of the environment by Aspergillus flavus in the management system.

Since plastic mold parts are precision parts, be careful when using the equipment, handle them carefully, and don’t shake them. If the parts are not used, they should be rinsed with cold water first, and then 0.5% aqueous formaldehyde solution is added to disinfect and sterilize the air, and maintain good air tightness. For example, winter parts should also be protected against cold, otherwise the parts may be discontinued. The plastic mold is a special tool template for pouring multi-rib floor slabs in concrete structures.

Since the multi-ribbed floor slab is composed of thin metal plates and single-sided or double-ribbed ribs with small intervals, it is difficult to assemble smaller multi-rib beam formwork by using wooden formwork and integral formwork, but this is not the case. economic development. According to the specifications and specifications of the multi-ribbed floor, select plastic or FRP preservatives to produce and process the necessary plastic molds. These molds have the characteristics of forming multiple capital turnover applications at a time.

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