Six characteristics of plastic mold shell

  • The light is elegant, and the lighting equipment placed in the algae well can emit comfortable light, thus creating an excellent indoor environment. Each algae well on the floor has a sound insulation effect to reduce the influence of external noise.
  • After styling, the appearance design is beautiful and novel, with artistic appreciation and use value.
  • Convenient engineering construction speeds up the construction speed of the project, the actual operation of the support point is simple, and the technical level of the actual operator is not high. It not only solves the problem of low compressive strength in many ways. Ribbed floor, complex construction technology, disassembly Difficulty, long construction time, and easy damage have also reduced the construction cost of the project.
  • The shell of the plastic mold is replaced by the soil with plastic, which has the characteristics of high temperature and low temperature resistance, aging resistance and high smoothness. It can be used continuously, can save 20% to 25% of stainless steel plates and concrete, and reduce the total project cost.
  • The business process of engineering and construction plastic formwork adopts a flexible method, which can be purchased, leased or contracted for construction. According to the application enterprise’s regulations, design plan and manufacturing, various special-shaped mold shells can be made.
  • Plastic mold shell has the key characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection. Environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction have been fully reflected in the whole process of urbanization development.the floor slab constructed by the plastic mold shell used in this project is effective, lightweight, high compressive strength, reduced building height, novel and beautiful appearance, and significant effect of saving decorative building materials.

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