The overall decoupling design analysis of injection mold

According to its structure, injection molds can be divided into three categories: single engineering molds, composite molds and continuous molds. The first two types require a lot of manpower, which is not economical. Continuous molds can produce a lot of high efficiency. Similarly, to design a set of high-speed precision continuous molds, you also need to analyze the products you produce (including all stamping products). In order to realize the automatic mass production of continuous molds, attention should be paid to the module spacing, parts processing accuracy, assembly accuracy, matching accuracy and interference issues in the continuous mold design.

The concept of unit design: The overall structure of the injection mold can be divided into two parts: a common part and a part that varies according to the product. Common parts can be standardized or standardized, but it is difficult to standardize the composition and specifications of the template for the parts that vary with the product: the composition of the template The composition of the injection mold is divided into two types according to the type of mold. The type, composition and difference of the mold, namely the forward configuration type and the reverse configuration type. The former is a commonly used structure, while the latter is mainly used for stretch forming injection molds or combined with special molds.

There are dozens, hundreds and thousands of people in the injection mold factory. Some environments are good, some are normal, and some are bad. Will a harsh environment affect product quality? The answer is yes.

The author first talks about the mold room of an injection mold factory. If the molds and other equipment in the mold room are neatly arranged, there are no oil stains on the ground and desktop, and everyone is working in an orderly manner, then from the appearance, the molds it produces will be able to withstand inspection. From the perspective of the injection molding workshop, the injection molding machines are neatly arranged, exhaust equipment is complete, the workshop is well ventilated, the ground is free of oil and other pollutants, the equipment has been improved, and it is safe for the injection molding department personnel to comply with the rules and regulations. During operation, the lines in the machinery and equipment are neat and not exposed. The fuel injection silk screen department has good ventilation facilities. The personnel of this department must undergo strict physical examinations every month and strictly follow high-risk occupational operations. Put the chemical substances in the designated place, put them neatly, and be managed by a special person, and the waste will be sent to a special person for disposal.

Although the above operations seem simple, they are not important, but they are very important for the products produced by the injection mold factory.

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