Summarize the cost calculation method of injection mold products

The cost of injection mold is related to many factors, but mainly includes: raw material cost multiplied by 3% loss of product weight and then multiplied by raw material cost to obtain raw material cost; machine cost assumes that the processing cost per hour of a 100-ton injection molding machine is 60 yuan/hour , The processing cost per minute is 1 yuan.

At this time, it is necessary to calculate the cycle time of the injection mold. What is the number of mold openings? Assuming that the injection time of the plastic part you want to evaluate is 30 seconds, then you can shoot 1 minute 60 seconds divided by 30 equals 2, which means that you can inject two modes of product within 1 minute. Assuming that the mold has two holes, the processing cost of the plastic part is 1 yuan divided by the number of modules in 1 minute, and then divided by the number of holes in the mold.

The final machining cost is 1 yuan divided by 2 divided by 2 points. Finally, I waited 5 times for 0.25 yuan/piece. In addition, the processing cost includes painting/silk printing/plating, etc. You can ask their respective processing plants. Packaging cost According to the size and volume of the plastic part, the packaging cost of the carton/package can be obtained; the transportation cost [h] According to the transportation location and the cost of the container truck that can be loaded at a time, the total load is divided by the total transportation cost.

Other expenses; The above expenses do not include the expenses of indirect personnel and related personnel, so some expenses need to be increased according to the different conditions of each factory; the sum of the profits of the above six items is multiplied by 10-30% of the profits, and you can get one. The final cost of the injection mold depends on the situation and the size of the factory.

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