Injection mold processing management rules

Many large-scale injection mold factories now provide a one-stop complete service for injection molds from mold opening, manufacturing, injection processing, and spraying. In this whole set of processes, the management level of an enterprise is relatively high, especially for Injection molding is an industry that involves a wide range of knowledge and strong technical requirements, including plastic performance, injection product structure, injection mold structure, injection molding machine operation, injection molding process adjustment, analysis of common defects in injection molding, and plastic additives (Color matching), plastic product performance testing, injection molded parts quality management, injection molding engineering management, injection molding workshop management and safety production management and other aspects of knowledge.

The management of injection mold processing and production is a systematic project. If injection molding management is not in place, it will often appear in low production efficiency, high defect rate, large number of machine personnel, high material consumption, batch returns, compression molds, artificial damage to molds, Broken screw head, delayed delivery, waste of raw materials and safety production accidents.

Modern injection molding production operations are shifting from labor-intensive to technology-intensive, and from manual workshops to automated production models.However, many companies’ injection molding production operations are still stuck in the past “poor quality, low efficiency, and high consumption” production operation management mode. They are accustomed to following “problems”, which has become a “bottleneck” for enterprise development.

Realizing the “high-quality, high-efficiency, and low-consumption” operation and management mode of advanced injection molding production is the goal that every enterprise aspires to achieve.In order to achieve the goal, the managers of the injection molding company are required to update their concepts, change the past practice of doing things based on experience and running behind the problems, adhere to the “prevention first” work method, do it right from the beginning, and implement the “systematic, scientific, and Standardized injection molding production management system, increase the control of the injection molding production process, strengthen employee vocational skills training, continuously improve the management level of injection molding technology, improve quality, improve production efficiency, reduce machine personnel, reduce defective rates, and reduce material consumption. Cost, keep pace with the times, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises!

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