Detailed knowledge of injection mold maintenance

Injection mold is a tool used to produce plastic products, and this kind of mold is to produce products that people need to use with an exquisite configuration. Therefore, injection molds still play a very important role in the production of injection molds. Effective maintenance is needed to make the service life of the mold longer, thereby reducing the production cost of the enterprise, so how to effectively maintain the injection mold?

The first is to pay attention to the surface maintenance of the mold, that is, the appearance maintenance. The appearance of the mold must not be damaged, that is, it must not be corroded. At this time, it is particularly important to choose a suitable, high-quality, and professional anti-rust oil.After the mold completes the production task, different methods should be used to carefully remove the residual injection molding according to different injection molding. Copper rods, copper wires and professional mold cleaning agents can be used to remove the residual injection molding and other deposits in the mold, and then air dry.It is forbidden to clean up hard parts such as iron wires and steel bars to avoid scratching the surface.If there are rust spots caused by corrosive injection molding, use a grinder to grind and polish, and spray professional anti-rust oil, and then store the mold in a dry, cool, and dust-free place.

Secondly, the injection mold must be cleaned regularly to ensure the sanitation of the mold. For product production, a clean and sanitary mold produces a better product, and this does not allow the mold to be contaminated.

Thirdly, it is necessary to inspect the mold parts to see if the mold is malfunctioning. The ejector and guide parts are used to ensure the opening and closing movement of the mold and the ejection of the plastic part. If any part of the mold is stuck due to damage, it will cause production to stop. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the lubrication of the mold thimble and guide pin (the most suitable lubricant should be selected), and regularly check whether the thimble and guide pin are deformed and surface damage. Affect the production of products.

Finally, the company should arrange for special personnel to perform periodic statistics on the use, care, and damage of the injection mold production, so as to find problems in a timely manner and minimize the impact on production.

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