Why should high-speed cutting be used for injection mold processing?

In the processing and production of injection molds, many injection mold factories use high-speed cutting technology, so what are the benefits of using high-speed cutting for injection mold processing?

The tool and workpiece can maintain high temperatures during high-speed cutting, which extends the life of the tool in many situations.On the other hand, in the use of high-speed cutting, the cutting amount is shallow, and the cutting time of the cutting edge is particularly short.This means that the feed is faster than the heat transfer time.

Low cutting force loses small and divergent tool bending.This, combined with the constant machining allowance required by each tool and process, is one of the prerequisites for efficient and safe machining.

Since the typical depth of cut in high-speed cutting is shallow, the radial forces on the tool and spindle are low.This increases the wear of the spindle bearings, guide rails and ball screws.High-speed cutting and axial milling are also a good combination. It has a small impact on the spindle bearing. With this method, you can use a tool with a long overhang without the risk of vibration.

High-productivity cutting of small-size parts, such as rough machining, semi-finishing and finishing, is economical when the total material removal rate is relatively low.

This way it reducesInjection moldThe number of clamping times of processing, and the geometric accuracy of the injection mold is improved by cutting, and at the same time, it can increase the manual rest and extend the trial time.In addition, CAM systems and workshop-oriented programming are used to assist in the formulation of process plans, and the application rate of machine tools and workshops can be improved through process plans.In turn, the production cycle is greatly shortened, and the production efficiency is improved, thereby enhancing the market competitiveness of the injection mold factory.

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