Analysis and analysis of injection mold structure and construction

What is an injection mold? In fact, the mold used in injection molding is injection molding, and the injection mold can be made from a formed shape, and the measurement accuracy is high or an insert is used. Injection molds are messier than other molds, not other molds, so we usually have a higher demand for handling and protecting products.

then use and carefully protect, protect, be protected, and it is also an important reason for the company, because he is using the company’s normal production. So how to protect and protect the injection mold? Before that, we should first know the structure and composition of the injection mold so that we can protect and protect the injection mold.

Regarding the structure and composition of the injection mold, I will briefly introduce here: the molded parts of the injection mold. It is mainly to give a part of the formation data, scale and shape, usually composed of concave, convex mold and cavity and chip, as well as thread core and insert; injection mold parts.

The setting of the guide part is to ensure that the mold and the moving mode can be accurately aligned in the closing time, and the guide member is composed of the two parts of the guide sleeve and the guide post, and some molds are also governed by the top of the plate. For parts, this intention is to ensure that the mold release organization can move smoothly; the mold release organization of the injection mold.

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