Method to eliminate cracks in injection mold products

In the injection molding of injection molds, cracks in plastic products are a very common problem. So, what can we do to eliminate the cracks in injection mold products?
XNUMX. Reasons for cracks in plastic products
1. Residual stress caused by the setting conditions of molding (oversaturated mold);
2. Residual stress occurred during demolding;
3. Stress concentration caused by the shape of the product;
4. The error caused by the thermal expansion of the same insert;
5. Deterioration of materials.
XNUMX. Related knowledge
1. Pre-heating of metal inserts can alleviate the residual stress during forming. The same principle is to use post-forming annealing instead of heating inserts;
2. In the molding setting conditions, the measure of lowering the injection pressure is the most effective;
3. If the ejector pins are balanced separately, apply a greater force when ejecting the mold.
Third, the solution to eliminate the cracks of injection mold products
1. Immediate: increase the temperature of the barrel, reduce the injection pressure, and reduce the demolding speed;
2. Short-term: improve the finish of the mold cavity;
3. Long-term: The demolding angle should be sufficient, the demolding pins should be distributed balancedly, the products should not be designed with sharp angles, and the thickness differences of the products should be avoided as much as possible.
Fourth, the difference in materials
1. Because materials such as polycarbonate (PC), PVC, etc. are easy to stick to the chrome-plated layer of the mold, especially in the corners, it becomes an inverted cone, so pay attention;
2. Polycarbonate (PC) is prone to cracks in the mold inserts. In this case, it is better to add reinforced glass fiber to the material.
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