How to choose a reliable injection mold manufacturer?

How to choose a reliable mold injection manufacturer?I believe that many companies are more concerned about this issue, a reliable oneInjection moldFactory suppliers are not only the guarantee of product quality, but also your solid backing in terms of product production cycle and stability.Therefore, most companies will have a relatively long inspection period when choosing an injection mold factory, so how to judge the choice of such a company?

First of all, we must examine whether it is a professional mold design and manufacturer, and measure it from the injection mold factory’s technology, experience, enterprise scale, and management philosophy.

In addition, it is necessary to check whether the other party has a one-stop service provider from mold design and manufacturing, product injection processing, plastic shell surface treatment (oil injection, silk screen, etc.), so as to avoid multiple suppliers from participating in the final manufacturing of the product In, to minimize the risk.

Finally, we must investigate the after-sales service capabilities of the injection mold factory, and measure all factors together, and finally select the excellent supplier of the injection mold factory that best meets the needs of the company.

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