The application of two-color injection molds should generally pay attention to the following issues

In the large mold manufacturing industry, there are only small workshops with one or two people and large enterprises with hundreds or thousands of people. The manufacturing process of precision plastic molds is basically the same. What remains unchanged are the manufacturing details and processing procedures of the mechanical equipment and the preliminary review of the mold.

It is necessary to conduct strict inspections on products in the early stage, and then conduct mold fluidity analysis and reasonable ranking. This is a good method to produce a set of precise precision plastic molds.

usually first use high-precision machining for wire cutting, and then use high-precision computer gongs and high-precision spark machining. Advanced grinding and milling machine processing technology, coupled with years of mold assembly experience, will naturally produce a set of high-quality precision plastic molds.

Without a good machine, a small workshop cannot make good molds. Large companies have high-precision and good machines, but no master with many years of experience cannot make high-quality molds.

Plastic molds have created wealth in applications, but they have gradually lost their practical value. Therefore, the actual operator must pay attention to the application of the mold. Generally, the following issues should be noted:

(1) Before construction, check all parts of the mold for residues and stains. For the plastic and residue remaining in the mold, pure cotton yarn should be used to clean and remove the adhesive.

(2) Choose the clamping force so that it does not cause sparks when forming the product. It should not be considered that the higher the better, it will increase the loss of function and destroy the components of the transmission system.

(3) Each transmission system component should ensure good lubrication.

(4) Do not use a shovel or other hanging objects to collide with all positions of the plastic mold to prevent deformation and damage to the mold.

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