Solution to the appearance of plastic mold products

Generally speaking, the coloring and appearance texture decoration of plastic mold products can be realized during plastic molding. However, in order to increase the life of the product and improve the aesthetics of the product, the appearance of the product is usually subjected to secondary processing and various decorations.

The solutions for the appearance of plastic mold products are as follows:

  • 1. Appearance processing. The result is a greasy, smooth and beautiful appearance; the wrists used are frosted and polished.
  • 2. Surface plating solution. The result is decorative, ugly, anti-aging, and corrosion-resistant; the wrists used include finishing, printing (screen printing, transfer printing, pad printing), filming, hot stamping, etc.
  • 3. Exterior decoration. The result is that the appearance is wear-resistant, anti-aging, metallic and beautiful; the wrists used include thermal spraying, electroplating, ion plating, etc.
    Plastic is a kind of neuroproduct data. The brand, barcode, and serial number on plastic products are used to identify other signs. Generally, mechanical processing is stopped indirectly by appearance. Using a laser marking machine to print marks on the outer surface of plastic products is a fast processing technology that can give up the inherent appearance of plastic products. The printed marks are durable, anti-counterfeit, and high-quality, and no other processing procedures are required.

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