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When manufacturing injection molds, injection mold manufacturers have a set of detailed production processes and processes like other products. Injection molds are a tool for producing plastic products. In the injection molding process of using injection molds to produce plastic products, it is a It involves many factors such as mold design, mold manufacturing, raw material characteristics and raw material pretreatment methods, molding process, injection molding machine operation, etc., and complex processing procedures that are closely related to processing environmental conditions, product cooling time, and post-processing techniques.Therefore, the quality of the injection mold and the accuracy of the mold play a decisive role in the qualification of the final plastic product.

Injection mold manufacturers generally divide the injection mold production process into five main stages, namely, production technology preparation stage, raw material preparation stage, parts processing stage, assembly debugging stage, and trial appraisal stage.

XNUMX. Production technology preparation stage: injection molding at this stageMould factoryA detailed planning will be carried out for the production cost, production schedule and management of the mold.The work in the production technology stage mainly includes: the overall design of injection molds, the design of parts, the preparation of process technical documents, the formulation of material quotas and working hours quotas, and the estimation of mold costs.

XNUMX. Raw material preparation stage: At this stage, all raw materials and materials used for mold production should be prepared one by one.One of the most important tasks is to prepare various blanks. Because there are many types and structures of injection molds, the required raw materials are also very different. The blanks must be prepared according to the required shape, process size, and materials of the mold parts. , The blank must be in the form of castings, forgings and various shaped materials.In addition, to complete the production of a set of molds, many purchased parts and outsourced parts, such as fasteners and standard parts for assembling molds, are required; parts that our factory cannot produce or temporarily do not produce, such as templates, molds Seat etc.In short, we must prepare all the raw materials for the production of injection molds except the factory that can be processed.

XNUMX. Parts processing stage: This stage is an important stage to ensure the accuracy of the mold. It mainly includes: mechanical processing, special processing, surface processing and heat treatment.

  • 1. Machining mainly uses cutting machine tools to process metal materials.As we all know, molds are almost assembled from metal parts.To obtain parts that meet the requirements of the drawings, mechanical processing is the most important method.Therefore, machining is one of the most workloads.
  • 2. Special processing, the structure of the mold is relatively special.Because the plastic product is a three-dimensional piece, it is formed in the cavity of the male and female molds.Such a cavity with a curved surface is difficult for general machining to handle, and even if it is barely processed, its quality is difficult to guarantee.Therefore, it is necessary to use special processing, such as EDM.Electroforming molding processing, etc.These special processing has become an indispensable processing method in mold processing
  • 3. Surface processing. Generally, the surface requirements of plastic products are relatively high. The surface of plastic parts is required to have good gloss, round and beautiful. This requires the corresponding cavity surface to be very smooth and round. Since the cavity is generally curved, it is usually used It is difficult to ensure the quality of mechanical processing, which requires special surface processing of the mold, mainly including grinding and polishing, electrochemical polishing, ultrasonic polishing, extrusion grinding and polishing, shot peening and so on.
  • 4. Heat treatment. In the production of injection molds, all important parts must be heat treated, and some parts must be treated multiple times.Because heat treatment is the main method to change the properties of metal materials.Since molds are generally produced as a single piece, the production cost is high. People always hope that it can be used more time. Therefore, the mold is required to be durable, and heat treatment can change its internal organization and structure without changing the shape and size of the parts. Performance is an important method to ensure the internal quality of parts.

XNUMX. Assembly and debugging stage: This stage is to assemble various parts together and debug well.The quality of the assembly work plays a decisive role in the quality of the mold.Assembling is a highly technical work, even a small mistake may make the mold unable to produce qualified products.Assembly is generally divided into component assembly, component assembly and general assembly. After assembly, debugging is carried out. This is to adjust the relative position of the parts, the clearance of the fit, and the tightness of the structure.This is the key process for ease of use.

V. Trial appraisal stage: This stage is to install the debugged mold on the injection molding machine for trial, and run it according to the design requirements to see whether the mold closing and opening are flexible and meet the requirements, and the quality of the obtained plastic products is qualified. From this, we can verify whether the manufactured mold is qualified.If the appraisal is qualified, the whole process of production of this set of injection mold is completed.

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