Learn how to trim the edges of plastic molds

Trimming methods of plastic mold products Trimming is a common process in the production process of rubber products. The dressing methods include: manual dressing method, grinding method, cutting method, frozen dressing method, non-flash forming method, etc. Consumer manufacturers can choose the appropriate finishing method according to product quality requirements and their own conditions of use.

Manual trimming Manual trimming is an ancient trimming method that involves manually punching the rubber edge with a punch. Use scissors, spatula and other knives to remove the rubber edges. The quality and speed of hand-trimmed plastic mold products also vary from person to person. After the requirements, the geometric dimensions of the product must meet the requirements of the product drawing, and there must be no scratches, scratches or deformation.

Before trimming, we must distinguish trimming plastic mold parts and technical requirements, and we must control the correct trimming method and the correct use of tools. In the production of miscellaneous rubber parts, most of the trimming operations are manual operations performed in different ways. Due to the low consumption efficiency of the manual operation of the dressing, when the tasks of the consumers are concentrated, it is often necessary to mobilize many people to stop the dressing.

This will not only affect the work order, but also cannot guarantee the quality of the product. Therefore, we should consider adopting more effective technical measures (such as using non-flash forming molds) or using various trimming equipment to stop trimming. The mechanical trimming of plastic molds and fine molds mainly includes punching, grinding wheel edging and round knife trimming, which is suitable for specific products that do not require high precision. This is currently the first trimming method.

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