How to increase the use time of two-color injection molds?

What are the factors that affect the service life of the two-color injection mold? The service life of the mold refers to the total number of molds produced under the premise of ensuring the quality of the production and processing parts. How to increase the use time of the two-color injection mold, including the service life after cutting the working surface several times and replacing parts?

Moulds are like cars. If it is not maintained for a long time, the mold will be discarded. Therefore, after each use of the mold, be sure to maintain the mold, especially the anti-rust treatment of the mold parts. Since the mold transports water during processing, the mold will fall into the mold during the entire process of installation or disassembly. Therefore, the mold must be dried first, and then coated with oil for maintenance.

One and two color injection mold application

Moulds have created wealth in applications, but they have gradually lost their practical value. Therefore, the actual operator must pay attention to the use of the mold. Generally, the following issues should be noted:

  • Before construction, check all parts of the mold for residues and stains. For the plastic and residue remaining in the mold, pure cotton yarn should be used to clean and remove the adhesive.
  • Choose the clamping force so that it does not cause sparks when forming the product. It should not be considered that the higher the better, it will increase the loss of function and destroy the components of the transmission system.
  • Each transmission system component should ensure good lubrication.
  • Do not use a shovel or other hanging objects to collide with all positions of the mold to prevent deformation and damage to the mold.

Two-color mold processing plant for mold repair and maintenance

(1) Maintenance of cooling water channel

The role of the cooling water channel is to cool the plastic components in the cooling core. The entire process of forming plastic parts is very harmful.

1. Risk of blockage of cooling water passage

In the middle of long-term work, the surface of the cooling water channel is prone to scaling, discoloration, rust, etc. This will greatly reduce the total circulation area of ​​the cooling water through the flow channel. The heat exchanger between the cooling water and the mold is reduced, and the actual cooling effect is greatly reduced, and the damage is very large.

2. Check if the refrigeration channel is blocked

The rise of deposits on the surface of the refrigeration channel will cause part of the water channel to be blocked. Based on the accurate measurement of the cooling water flow rate, this can be used to clarify the inside of the cooling channel. In accurate measurement, a pressure regulating valve can be installed between the mold and the cooling water channel to accurately measure the pressure drop of the cooling water according to the mold under the same standard. Therefore, the clogging of the cooling water passage can be distinguished. If it is blocked at a certain level, please clear it quickly.

3. Clean up the refrigeration channel

Because the design of the refrigeration channel is related to the shape of the inner cavity, its shape will be deformed and it is inconvenient to disassemble and assemble. Therefore, it cannot be cleaned according to the mechanical equipment method. Under the action of the cleaning liquid, the cleaning liquid is cleaned to remove the adhering stains. A variety of cleaning solutions can be stored.

(2), unloading maintenance of two-color injection mold

After completing the daily tasks of the two-color injection molding mold, it must be taken out of the injection molding machine. When disassembling, please carefully clean the remaining plastic materials and choose different cleaning methods according to the characteristics of different plastic materials. Liquid soap is usually used to remove residual plastic and other deposits from the mold, and then the mold is blown dry. If there are rust spots on the surface of the inner cavity, they should be removed, polished, and then coated with lubricating fluid for storage again.

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