Xinqing Technology released the first car-regulated chip “Dragon Eagle One”

On December 10, 2021, Xinqing Technology officially released the automotive chip brands “Longying” and “Longying One” smart cockpit chips in Wuhan, officially making strides towards the automotive intelligent market. Following the successful tape-out of “Dragon Eagle No. 1” in October this year, this “Smart Journey•Engine Follows the Core” brand and product launch conference further demonstrated the technological innovation strength of Xinqing Technology and its active deployment in the automotive intelligent market. Grand plan.

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Liu Ziqing, Member of the Standing Committee of the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Working Committee of Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Wang Zhenkun, Deputy General Manager of Yangtze River Industry Fund, Tang Chao, Deputy Secretary of the Working Committee of Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone and Acting District Governor of the District Government, Liu Shi, Deputy Secretary of the Working Committee of Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone Bao, Ziyu Shen, Chairman and CEO of Ekatong Technology, Chairman and Chairman of Xingqing Technology, and Wang Kai, Director and CEO of Xingqing Technology, attended and delivered congratulatory speeches. Li Shufu, Chairman of Geely Holding Group, Shen Ziyu, Chairman and CEO of Ekatong Technology, Chairman of CoreTech, and Dr. Wang Kai, Director and CEO of CoreTech, reviewed the development history of CoreTech and looked forward to the future development trend of China’s automobile industry. .

This press conference marked the official start of “Longying One” in the field of smart cockpits. Xinqing Technology has injected high-tech vitality into the Chinese automobile industry and even the international market with high-standard, high-quality, and market-demand products. It broke through the monopoly of major international companies in the field of high-end chips for automotive regulations. Relying on the support of Wuhan Municipal People’s Government and Geely Holding Group in the early days of its establishment, Xinqing Technology now has a comprehensive blueprint for smart cars, writing a new chapter in smart driving.

Xinqing Technology released the first car-regulated chip “Dragon Eagle One”

(01_Wang Zhenkun, Deputy General Manager of Yangtze River Industry Fund, Dr. Wang Kai, Director and CEO of Coretech Technology, Liu Ziqing, Secretary of Work Committee of Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Chairman and CEO of Yikatong Technology, Shen Ziyu, Chairman of Coretech Technology, Wuhan Economic Development Tang Chao, Deputy Secretary of the District Working Committee, released the “Dragon Eagle One” and “Dragon Eagle” brands on the same stage)

Xinqing Technology released the first car-regulated chip “Dragon Eagle One”

(02_Geely Holding Group Chairman Li Shufu makes a video speech)

Xinqing has made a sword in three years, and the first domestic 7-nanometer smart cockpit chip is officially launched

Under the leadership of Yikatong Technology, Xinqing Technology was jointly funded and established by Yikatong Technology, Amou China and other companies in 2018. Since its establishment, Xinqing Technology has grown steadily and has grown rapidly. It has been focusing on the development and provision of high-performance automotive-grade chips and solutions. It has mastered the core self-developed technology of the smart cockpit and is gradually completing various verifications. It will be completed in 2021. The first public release of a new generation of 7-nanometer car-level smart cockpit multimedia chip “Longying No. 1” in December of. In the fiercely competitive smart cockpit field, there are not only traditional car chip manufacturers, but also international manufacturers that have moved from the mobile phone chip market to the battlefield. In addition, the domestic market has not yet seen domestic high-performance smart cockpit chips that have actually been used in the car. , “Dragon Eagle One” unveiled with a new breakthrough performance, injecting vitality and confidence into domestic chips, opening a new chapter of domestic high-end automotive-grade processors.

Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Holding Group, congratulated the successful release of the core engine technology brand “Dragon Eagle” and “Dragon Eagle One” smart cockpit chips, “Chips are a well-deserved country’s important weapon, and it is to create a safe and stable supply chain industry chain. The key to ensuring the development of “dual cycle”. Geely Holding Group relies on the advantages of a globalized system and resource synergy to actively build a smart three-dimensional travel technology ecology. The layout of on-board chips is an important link for us to consolidate our core technical capabilities and create new advantages in the industrial chain I believe that Xinqing Technology will continue to “vibrate the core and cast the soul” and bring more surprises to domestic chips.”

Dr. Wang Kai, Director and CEO of Xinqing Technology, said, “The 7-nanometer car-grade smart cockpit chip released this time is the first 7-nanometer process high-end smart cockpit chip in China, with 8 CPU cores built in. 14-core GPU, 8 TOPS int8 programmable convolutional neural network engine, these few hard indicators mean that this chip can provide surging computing power at full speed, the chip reaches AEC-Q100 Grade 3 level, and adopts ASIL-D standards Security island design, built-in independent Security Island information security island, provides high-performance encryption and decryption engines, supports SM2, SM3, SM4 and other national encryption algorithms, supports secure startup, secure debugging and secure OTA updates, etc. Powerful CPU, GPU, VPU, ISP , DPU, NPU, DSP heterogeneous computing engines, as well as matching high-bandwidth, low-latency LPDDR5 memory channels and high-speed large-capacity external storage, provide a full range of computing power support for chip applications, and the verified and measured performance surpasses similar international products. “

 Xinqing Technology released the first car-regulated chip “Dragon Eagle One”

(03_XinQing Technology Director and CEO Wang Kai introduces “Dragon Eagle One”, product line and the company’s future)

At present, there are already a number of models in the “Longying No. 1” fixed-point, verify the performance of the chip in full, comprehensive and large-scale application testing, and quickly improve the overall application and introduction from the perspective of car enterprise users. In the third quarter of 2022, “Longying No. 1” will be mass-produced, and will be mass-produced before the end of the year as planned. The first model to be mass-produced is Geely’s model, and Geely’s popular models will follow. , Sub-brands, including Lynk & Co, will be equipped with Chipking Technology’s chips.

Shen Ziyu, Chairman and CEO of Ekatong Technology, and Chairman of Xinqing Technology, said at the press conference: “High-end in-vehicle chips are the core driving force for the evolution of automotive intelligence. “Longying No. 1″ will drive China’s automotive intelligence industry to a new level. Focusing on the “Longying No.1”, Xinqing Technology will work with Yikatong Technology to quickly promote the designated model projects of car companies and ecological partners. It is expected to complete the integration and testing of the car as soon as 2022. Looking to the future, we will still We will continue to expand the possibility of cooperating with more auto brands and eco-partners at home and abroad, and help every company that uses Chipkin Technology’s chips to launch smart car products that have more competitive advantages and meet the diverse needs of consumers.”

Xinqing Technology released the first car-regulated chip “Dragon Eagle One”

(04_Shen Ziyu, Chairman and CEO of Yikatong Technology and Chairman of Xinqing Technology, talks about China’s automotive intelligent industry)

The team behind “Dragon Eagle” truly meets the needs of the domestic market

In the development wave of smart cars, the strategic significance of self-developed chips is self-evident, and the ability of self-research and innovation comes from a team with superior strength. Core Engine Technology has a team with both high-end server chips and traditional automotive chip development experience and mass production cases. The CTO has more than 20 years of research and development experience in the automotive chip industry. The CEO has led the team to reach annual sales of more than 3 billion US dollars. Most of the company’s research and development The staff has more than 15 years of work experience in the head enterprise; the company can provide all the core processor chips from the traditional automotive Electronic architecture to the next-generation intelligent networked automotive electronic architecture, including “smart cockpit chips, autonomous driving chips, and vehicle central The three product lines of “processor chips” cover complete automotive electronic solutions; master the 7-nanometer car-regulated process technology, closely match OEM manufacturers and first-tier suppliers, jointly define the functional specifications of high-performance automotive electronic chips, and provide ecologically complete Solution, quickly realize the market application of the product.

The strategic layout of Xinqing Technology

1. Comprehensive assessment of customer needs and assist the development of intelligent cockpits of domestic automakers

As early as the beginning of the chip design, Xinqing Technology invited a number of Chinese and foreign automakers, including Geely, to actively participate in order to solve the shortcomings of general products, enhance product competitiveness, and ensure that its specifications can meet the medium and long-term development plan of the car factory. Provide services that better meet the needs of auto companies, and enhance the competitiveness of companies and customers from all angles of products and applications. After close discussions and cooperation with upstream and downstream enterprises, CoreEngine has planned a comprehensive and complete three product lines of “smart cockpit chips, autopilot chips, and car central processor chips” that meet market needs, covering complete automotive electronics solutions.

2. Working with partners across the industry chain, the capital market is hot

“Dragon Eagle One” has also been highly recognized by the capital market, especially from industry chain funds, including car manufacturers, mainframe manufacturers, semiconductor integrated circuit funds and national innovation funds. The in-depth cooperation with industry chain capital can make the core The development of the engine realizes the closed-loop and all-round development of capital first, business deepening, and performance return; at the same time, it also enables the engine to have a more in-depth and accurate understanding of market dynamics, customer needs and development plans, and more comprehensive use of “chips” from a product and ecological perspective. Facilitate the development of partners and achieve a win-win situation. Based on this strategy, Ekatong Technology and Xinqing Technology have jointly announced the agreement with Desay SV, Neusoft Group, Beidou Zhilian and other leading domestic Tier One companies through a joint release in Shanghai on December 6. Strategic cooperation. Create a leading high-end digital cockpit platform around the “Longying One” and ECARX Automotive Service Core general operating system-level software framework, and jointly build a new advanced intelligent industry ecosystem. In the future, Yikatong Technology and Xinqing Technology will join hands with partners across the industry chain to carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in the fields of capital, products, and applications. Core partners include upstream wafer fabs, packaging and testing plants, and downstream Tier One and OEMs.

3. Assist the strategy of automobile power, so that everyone can enjoy the fun of driving

Smart cars have become the strategic direction for the development of the global automotive industry. Cars will gradually transform from pure transportation tools to smart mobile spaces and application terminals, becoming an important carrier of emerging business formats. The “Smart Car Innovation Development Strategy” puts forward the technological innovation of China’s standard smart cars, realizing the vision of a safe, efficient, green, and civilized smart car, and meeting the people’s growing needs for a better life.

Adhering to the vision of “becoming the world’s leading provider of automotive electronic chip overall solutions”, Xinqing Technology not only has the strategic advantage of domestic smart car development and the advantages of landing partners, but also has the R&D and innovation strength that rivals the international cutting-edge automotive electronics. With the company’s system With the gradual improvement of the product system, continuous breakthroughs in key technologies, and continuous improvement of brand quality, it will lead China’s high-end automotive electronics industry, open up a broader domestic and foreign automotive market, and enable the “Intelligent Made in China” core engine products to achieve “make everyone A bright future where you can enjoy the joy of driving.

  Xinqing Technology released the first car-regulated chip “Dragon Eagle One”

(05_Dragon Eagle No. 1 Wafer)

Highlights of “Dragon Eagle One” at a glance:

● CPU: 8 CPU cores, Cortex-A76 2.4GHZ main frequency and Cortex-A55 main frequency 1.8GHZ form a dual-processor cluster that takes into account high performance and high energy efficiency, provides physical isolation for functional safety applications, and meets vehicle multi-domain integration Real-time application requirements.

● GPU: The computing power close to 900GFLOPS provides industry-leading 3D image rendering capabilities, 2D and 2.5D graphics acceleration units, and efficient rendering capabilities to make the interface respond in real time and agile; high-precision floating-point computing capabilities assist AI, general computing and other needs.

● NPU: The computing power is up to 8TOPS, the flexible neural network processor (AI) supports artificial intelligence applications such as high-performance intelligent voice and machine vision, and supports L1-L2 ADAS functions.

● DDR: LPDDR5 memory is the first commercial SOC in the cockpit, with a maximum performance of 6400MT/s and a memory bandwidth of 51.2GB/s, effectively supporting various entertainment, image and AI processing needs.

● VPU: Support 4K120 video decoding and 4K60 video encoding.

● DSP: Built-in high-performance audio signal processing unit and rich audio interface, providing users with rich audio entertainment experience.

● DPU: Simultaneously supports 7-screen 4K/2K 60HZ high-definition high frame rate independent Display of different sources, and provides functionally safe display channels.

● Camera & ISP: Supports 12 channels of 2MP 60 FPS raw data input and low-latency transmission channels at the same time, and the ISP processing capacity is up to 1.6Gpixel/s.

● Safety Island: Integrated ASIL-D ARM Realtime R-Core, using dual redundant interlock architecture; integrated ASIL-B safety display, safe communication functions.

● Security Island: Built-in independent dedicated hardware security module (HSM), high-performance encryption and decryption engine, support SM2, SM3, SM4 and other national encryption algorithms, support chip secure boot, secure debugging and secure OTA update.

● 1G Ethernet TSN supports professional audio and video transmission with low latency and real-time QoS service guarantee, automotive control systems, real-time monitoring and other IoT industrial applications.

● PCIE Gen3 has a total bandwidth of up to 32GT/s, supports connection to various devices such as WIFI 6, NVMe SSD, and provides inter-chip high-speed interconnection capabilities to expand computing power.

● USB3.2 Gen2 has a bandwidth of up to 10Gbps, providing high-speed transmission of large amounts of data for in-vehicle streaming media transmission, instant storage, communication extension, and security monitoring.

● UFS 3.0 has a bandwidth of up to 2.9GB/s, provides extremely high read and write data, and large-capacity external storage capabilities.

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