What is the direction of smart transportation construction this year?

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. The outbreak of the new crown pneumonia this year not only affected the country’s economy, but also caused great trouble to people’s lives. However, this outbreak has also made people see the importance of smart technology to a certain extent. As an important field, smart transportation has developed rapidly in recent years. So, what is the direction of smart transportation construction in 2020?

2020: What is the direction of smart transportation construction?

Promote intelligent road infrastructure

In the aspect of road construction, it is necessary to gradually form the service capabilities of multi-dimensional monitoring and precise control around the promotion of intelligent road infrastructure construction.

On the one hand, accelerate the construction of 5G communication and positioning base stations, and actively promote the integration of navigation systems and communication systems. The combination of upstream and downstream units provides necessary real-time road traffic geographic information services for precise vehicle positioning, driving planning and decision-making.

On the one hand, multi-functional integrated products are needed, such as smart cameras and ETC supported by 5G%2BAI. With the high transmission rate, high bandwidth and high reliability of 5G, road monitoring reduces the delay of network transmission speed and accelerates the ultra-high-definition Display of monitoring information, thereby helping the urban road traffic command center platform to make more accurate, more effective, and faster safety precautions decisions. ETC collects information such as traffic, transactions, and accurate license plates and even faces to relieve road congestion and become the first choice for people to travel without feeling payment.

In addition, the guardrails, mountains, and road surfaces of key monitoring sections such as accident-prone sections, sections prone to water accumulation, and sections with potential landslides are installed with displacement and water level sensing equipment, so that information on the status of roads and facilities can be obtained in an economical and fast way.

Cloud management and control to build a traffic intelligent platform

In the construction of cloud network, it is necessary to make full use of the existing facilities and data resource base to build a transportation big data cloud platform. Relying on big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the government can grasp the overall operation situation of urban transportation in real time, and effectively allocate and optimize various public resources. According to traffic situation prediction and event type, the linkage of research and judgment, command and disposal is efficiently completed, and the ability and level of emergency handling are enhanced.

At the same time, the data is shared in real time, so that the vehicle can obtain the driving road information in real time, and cooperate with the cloud to make driving behavior decisions, and provide real-time traffic information prompts for users who drive to improve travel safety.

User-end mobile intelligence

Under the background that “new infrastructure” has become a current policy and a hot word in the market, Internet companies have successively launched intelligent driving systems to seize the user market.

The intelligent driving system can integrate the real-time road traffic information data and services on the vehicle end and the roadside, and reach a wide range of mobile terminal users. For example, if there is temporary congestion on the road ahead outside the line of sight, it can be pushed in real time on the car or mobile phone application to help users adjust the route flexibly.

In addition, during the new crown epidemic, a series of innovative applications of “technological anti-epidemic” developed by enterprises, such as smart parking APPs based on non-inductive payment, health codes, etc., also help relevant departments to monitor and manage the flow of people and traffic in a scientific and efficient manner. .

Under the “new infrastructure” outlet, 5G, AI and other cutting-edge technologies will be integrated and converged, and the smart transportation industry will also become the focus of the “new infrastructure”. So, what is the direction of smart transportation construction in 2020? Xiaobian believes that with the help of information technology, the digital closed loop of people, vehicles, roads and networks will be opened, and the government will be able to achieve efficient traffic travel information management, which will be the future direction of intelligent transportation development.

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