The “Hu-Shanghai” subway app has a train code to realize interconnection and interoperability. Citizens of the capital can use the “Qingcheng Metro” app to take the subway in Shanghai

A reporter from the Hohhot Evening News learned from Hohhot Transportation Investment and Construction Group Co., Ltd. that starting from December 23, the Hohhot Metro and Shanghai Metro have realized the interoperability of the App passenger code.

A reporter from the Hohhot Evening News learned that the “strong alliance” of the “Hu-Shanghai” urban rail transit embodies the concept of Internet technology to jointly promote the integrated development of urban rail transit and the advantages of ticketing sharing. In order to realize the ride code of the two places. “Connectivity” overcomes the problems of cross-regional compatibility and ticketing settlement, and introduced a subway “pass” to citizens of the two places. This move not only facilitates citizens’ cross-city traffic travel and promotes green travel between cities, but also plays a positive role in leading and demonstrating the integration and common use of regional rail transit.

Hohhot Metro has initially completed the construction of a smart metro travel system based on internet payment. In order to facilitate passengers to travel conveniently, following the opening of Alipay, WeChat (scan QR code to purchase tickets), China Construction Bank, e-wallet payment and other channels, the “Qingcheng Metro” App continues to explore and practice diversified Internet payments. Inner Mongolia was completed this year. Payment channels of banks and agricultural banks are online, and ICBC payment channels are also actively deployed.

The “Hu-Shanghai” App is a positive measure for urban rail companies to serve the society and provide convenience for passengers. It provides more convenient and unified diversified urban rail transit Internet services for passengers in the two places and reduces passenger switching. The complicated operations of apps in various places have enhanced passengers’ freedom of choice and brought a more convenient ride experience for passengers to travel across cities.

Up to now, Beijing has opened up 4.5 million users of the Hohhot city’s passenger code, and the users who have opened the subway code of “Huh-Shanghai” are also worth looking forward to. (Huhhot Evening News reporter Xu Ting)

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