Taiwan Nuvoton completes US$250 million acquisition of Panasonic’s semiconductor business

News on September 3 According to Taiwanese media reports, in November last year, Taiwanese microprocessor manufacturer Nuvoton announced the acquisition of Panasonic’s semiconductor business PSCS for US$250 million. Recently, Nuvoton announced that it has completed the acquisition of this business.

It is reported that the acquisition was originally planned to be completed in June of this year, but due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the progress of the anti-monopoly law review has been delayed than expected, which was delayed by about two months. After the acquisition, PSCS was renamed Nuvoton Technology Corporation Japan.

Through this acquisition, Nuvoton will acquire R&D and technical personnel of Panasonic’s semiconductor business, sensor element technology, microprocessor technology and semiconductor device technology, as well as five land assets located in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.

According to previous reports, Panasonic entered the semiconductor business through the establishment of a joint venture with Philips of the Netherlands in 1952. Around 1990, Panasonic’s semiconductor business revenue once squeezed into the top 10 global manufacturers. However, due to the rise of Taiwan and South Korean manufacturers, Panasonic’s semiconductor business performance deteriorated.

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