Samsung’s first EUV process DRAM memory, TSMC pays attention

On March 25th, local time, Samsung Electronics announced that it will launch the industry’s first DRAM memory module designed with extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV).

As one of the world’s leading memory manufacturers, Samsung said that global customers’ evaluations of its first batch of 1 million 10nm-class DDR4 DRAM modules are not bad, and Samsung will soon start processing orders for global distribution.

EUV technology makes the manufacturing of memory modules more precise and faster. It speeds up the photolithography process by reducing the number of repeated steps and promotes the production of complex chip patterns. This means that the chip performance accuracy will be higher and the development time will be shorter.

Samsung is not the only company focusing on EUV technology. TSMC began using EUV technology to produce its 7nm N7+ chips last year. According to the company’s tests, these chips can accommodate up to 20% of the transistor density, which consumes 10% less power than the old N7 chips manufactured using argon fluoride laser lithography technology.

Intel began exploring the EUV process nearly 20 years ago, and Intel is currently preparing for its new chip production line. Last summer, Intel’s EUV researcher and director Britt Turkot (Britt Turkot) said that engineers faced challenges in designing production systems that use EUV because of its complexity and cost. Chip manufacturing companies will need to build new facilities to handle new technologies.

Samsung will use 10nm EUV technology on all future DRAM chips. This will include 16GB DDR5 based on d1 and LPDDR5 memory chips for computers, which are expected to be put into production in 2021. It also includes LPDDR4X RAM chips for smartphones.

Jung-bae Lee, executive vice president of Samsung’s DRAM division, said: “With the mass production of our new DRAM based on EUV technology, we are fulfilling our promise to provide revolutionary DRAM solutions for the IT industry.”

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