Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 may use S Pen, under-screen lens

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 may use S Pen, under-screen lens

Although no exact renderings have appeared yet, foreign media have begun to report news about the Galaxy Fold 2. Max Weinbach once made a high-precision Galaxy Fold / Z Flip breaking news, and he has published another two days to break the news of the Fold 2. News is up! He said that the Fold 2 will have an Infinity V screen, which will be 7.7 inches when unfolded, but he can’t say whether the screen will also be made of UTG ultra-thin glass technology, but he said that the Fold 2 may have an under-screen lens or a hole. Front lens design, the main lens will be at the same level as the S20+ (12-megapixel main lens, 64-megapixel telephoto, 12-megapixel wide-angle, ToF depth of field lens), it is said that it will be made of ceramic and stainless steel, and there will be five types Colors (blue, silver, gold, pink, black), but in this revelation, the most eye-catching is that he said that the Fold 2 will be equipped with a new type of S Pen!

The folded form of Fold 2 should still be folded left and right.

The so-called new type of S Pen has not yet been said, I guess this S Pen may be tailored for the Fold 2, thinner or have new functions, etc., but it may also be said that the “new type of S Pen” will be. It is a new stylus used in the future Note series mobile phones. Now it is rumored that Samsung may release the Fold 2 in July or the third quarter of this year. If there are more news, I will share it with you.

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