Rouyu Technology may be IPO, where is the confidence to go public?

Recently, according to Bloomberg reports, Rouyu Technology’s IPO on the Science and Technology Innovation Board plans to raise 12 billion yuan (1.8 billion U.S. dollars).

Royole Technology focuses on the research of next-generation Display technology and related Electronic products. The founder Liu Zihong began to study flexible display technology when he was studying for a doctorate at Stanford University in 2006. In his view, flexible color displays can solve the rigid demands of human beings for lightness in communication and carrying.

Since its establishment in 2012, Royole has focused on the research and development of flexible display materials, processes, components, circuit design, and system design. At present, Royole’s flexible display research and development has made great progress. In 2014, Royole produced a full-color AMOLED flexible display with a thickness of only 0.01 mm, and the minimum bending radius can be as small as 1 mm. Technological breakthroughs in system-level terminal products and other aspects are also the thinnest display screen in the industry.

Compared with traditional display technology, flexible display has many advantages, such as thin, thin, rollable, foldable, portable, and non-breakable, and it is easy to carry out new designs. Flexible display technology will revolutionize the existing form of consumer electronic products, make a large number of potential applications possible, and have a profound impact on the way of human-computer interaction in the future.

The market size of flexible displays is promising. The latest market research report from an international authoritative organization predicts that by 2027, the global market for printed and flexible electronic products will reach US$330 billion, of which flexible displays will become the main market segment.

A broad consensus has been reached in the display field. Due to its irreplaceable advantages compared with liquid crystal and electrophoresis technology, organic electroluminescence display technology will be widely used in next-generation flexible display technologies, including new smartphones, wearable devices based on the Internet of Things. Electronic devices and smart homes, etc.

Flexible screens may become the future form of mobile phones

Apple’s first-generation iPhone ushered in the era of large-screen smartphones. However, the shape of mobile phones has not changed much since then, and the smartphone industry seems to have entered a bottleneck of innovation.

Smartphone shipments continue to decline, and various mobile phone manufacturers have begun to seek new breakthroughs. The emergence of folding screen and flexible screen technology has once again attracted the attention of the industry and consumers, and it is expected that the folding screen will bring a revolution in mobile phone technology. So, can the evolution of screen technology lead to the evolution of smartphones?

In the second half of 2018, Royole took the lead in launching a folding screen mobile phone, which was gradually put into the market. In 2019, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola and other mobile phone manufacturers have launched folding screen mobile phones, but the global shipments of folding screen mobile phones were still less than 1 million.

The factors hindering the development of folding screen mobile phones are high cost, poor screen durability and low yield, resulting in insufficient supply of folding screen mobile phones, but strong terminal demand. After Huawei’s folding screen mobile phone “Mate X” went on sale in November 2019, the official price was 16,999 yuan, which once became a hot item.

However, looking to the future, the folding screen is still a transitional product, and the rollable screen is the ultimate form of flexible OLED screen mobile phones. Compared with the folding screen, the curling screen can save more space by curling, which is more convenient to carry and more in line with the needs of consumers.

In the future, with the decline in the price of AMOLED flexible screens and the continuous improvement of technology, more mobile phone manufacturers will gradually join the camp of flexible screen mobile phones, thereby accelerating the popularity of folding screen mobile phones in the market.

The digital life in the future is also full of imagination: mobile phones, tablets and notebooks will be able to achieve multi-terminal integration, and one terminal can realize the functions of mobile phones, tablets and notebooks. With the advent of flexible-screen mobile phones, we may soon be able to experience the feeling of putting a large-screen mobile phone in our pocket.

Seize the opportunity of localization of flexible OLED panels

Driven by the increasing demand, Chinese panel manufacturers have invested in flexible OLED production lines on a large scale in the past two years. Several flexible AMOLED production lines have achieved mass production, and several production lines will be put into operation one after another from 2020 to 2022. China already has strong strength in the field of flexible AMOLED.

In the future, with the further release of production capacity, Chinese local panel manufacturers are expected to seize market share by virtue of their local advantages, and the localization of flexible OLED panels for folding screen mobile phones in China is the general trend.

In terms of policy support, the development of the OLED industry has attracted the attention of government departments. In recent years, relevant departments have frequently issued favorable policies to encourage the development of the industry and promote the improvement of the technical level of the industry.

Another positive factor is lower raw material costs. On a general level, the cost of luminescent materials accounts for 31.0% of the production cost of OLED products. The luminescent material technology research of China National Materials Laboratory has made a breakthrough in the research of fluorescent luminescent materials, and solved the problem of low efficiency of traditional fluorescent luminescent materials.

The OLED industry has also ushered in growth in the application field and demand side. With the improvement of national consumption level and the increasing popularity of high-end electronic devices, consumers’ requirements for display screens are gradually increasing. OLED display not only has the characteristics of display contrast, color gamut, viewing angle, response speed, flexibility, etc. superior to traditional LED screens, but also lighter and thinner and saves power. In the field of consumer electronics, OLED screens are gradually being widely used in smart products, and the size of the OLED market will also grow rapidly.

A series of favorable factors in policies and market environment have all promoted the development of Royole Technology and laid a solid foundation for its IPO.

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