Panasonic Releases 7-inch Rugged Tablet PC Toughbook S1

Today, Panasonic released the newest member of its TOUGHBOOK family, the TOUGHBOOK S1. It’s a 7-inch Android tablet aimed at mobile workers in harsh environments, enabling them to have a device that can keep up with their daily lives. The company already has a solid lineup of Android devices, including the 10-inch TOUGHBOOK A3, 7-inch L1, 5-inch T1, and 4.7-inch N1.

Panasonic Releases 7-inch Rugged Tablet PC Toughbook S1

Compared to the similarly sized TOUGHBOOK L1, the new tablet has some major improvements, one of which is the battery. The TOUGHBOOK S1 comes with a temperature-controlled removable battery, which means users can remove the main battery and replace it on the go, as a smaller battery is built into the device, allowing it to go uninterrupted within 45 seconds. TOUGHBOOK’s larger tablets and PCs usually have hot-swappable batteries, but this is new to its 7-inch lineup. The regular battery will get you nine hours, but there’s an extended battery option that gives you 14.5 hours of use.

If the tablet is FirstNet certified, that means emergency personnel in the field can set it up to connect to band 14, which is reserved for emergency communications. The TOUGHBOOK S1 is designed for mobile workers working in the most challenging environments and conditions, especially in transportation and logistics, manufacturing and field service, where efficiency and reliability are critical to getting the job done.

Panasonic Releases 7-inch Rugged Tablet PC Toughbook S1

The TOUGHBOOK S1 is MIL-STD-810H certified and has been drop tested on concrete from 5 feet. Panasonic says it tests durability by dropping the same device 18 times from the same height. It can also survive between minus 4 degrees and 122 degrees Fahrenheit, it is IP65 and IP67 water and dust resistant, it has a glove touch mode so it can work with gloves up to 5mm thick, and Panasonic’s rain mode, so the screen remains responsive when wet. It also has a 500-nit screen for bright outdoor use.

The Toughbook S1 has an optional USB Type-A port, optional barcode scanner, and can have portrait or landscape Display options. It is also supported by the Panasonic Productivity+ Suite, which helps enterprise customers configure, deploy and manage these devices. This product also comes with things like getting a quick and easy replacement, so when a user needs a replacement device, Panasonic can send the user one that’s already configured for the user’s business, ready to power up.

The Toughbook S1 is built with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 octa-core chipset, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, which users can expand via a microSD card. The tablet runs on Android 10 operating system. The Toughbook S1 is on sale today, starting at $2,499.

Panasonic Releases 7-inch Rugged Tablet PC Toughbook S1

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