Nearly 40% of second-hand mobile phone transaction orders in the fourth quarter of 2021 are 5G mobile phones

Beijing Business Daily (Reporter Wang Weiyi) New and old mobile phones have entered a period of transition, and 5G mobile phones have been singing all the way. On January 4, Zhuanzhuan released the “Mobile Phone Market Report for the Fourth Quarter of 2021”, showing that the transaction volume of 5G mobile phones in the second-hand market has also risen significantly, with the proportion of transactions rising from 23.30% in the third quarter of 2021 to 38.33% in the fourth quarter. . Looking at the whole year, the transaction proportion of 5G mobile phones in the second-hand market in 2021 will show a significant growth trend.

The “Report” shows that among the top 10 models sold in the second-hand 5G mobile phone market in the fourth quarter of 2021, Apple’s iPhone12 series occupied the top four, and the sales ratio increased from 19.35% in the third quarter to 24.55% in the fourth quarter, which is equivalent to every second-hand market sold. Of the four 5G mobile phones, one is the iPhone 12 series.

In addition, Xiaomi and Huawei occupy seats respectively. Redmi K40 and Redmi K40 Enhanced replace Xiaomi Mi 10 and vivo iQOO Neo 5 (5G) on the list; Huawei Mate 30 Pro (5G), Huawei P40 Pro (5G) and Huawei Mate40 Pro (5G) are also second-hand The hottest 5G mobile phone in the market.

In response to the folding screen mobile phone boom in the fourth quarter of 2021, analysts from Zhuanzhuan Group’s data department introduced that the current second-hand market for folding screen mobile phones is still dominated by Samsung and Huawei models, and there is also a certain degree of popularity in the second-hand market.

In terms of the value preservation rate, the price of folding screen mobile phones will be discounted by about 40% after 6 months of release; after 1 year of release, the price of 99 new second-hand folding screen mobile phones will likely be “halved”, and the value preservation rate will usually be below 50%. The mobile phone market of Zhuanzhuan Group in Q4 shows that the current second-hand market Huawei Mate X2 (5G) comes out on top with a retention rate of 81.99%; the second and third are the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 (5G) and Galaxy released in September 2021. Z Fold3 (5G).

Regarding the trend of the mobile phone market in 2022, analysts from the data department of Zhuanzhuan Group said that the choice of 5G models will become more and more abundant, and the prices of mid-to-high-end flagship models are gradually falling to allow more consumers to reach With the maturity of 5G technology, the real wave of replacement has begun to appear, and the entire 5G smart terminal market is expected to usher in new growth in 2022.

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