Mouser launches a new horticultural application sub-site to reveal the related technologies of plant cultivation

December 3, 2019 – Mouser Electronics, an Electronic component distributor focused on introducing new products to promote industry innovation, announced the launch of a new horticultural application sub-site on This sub-site is a one-stop platform with new resources for various cultivation systems, and provides design resources for engineers to develop advanced indoor and outdoor gardening systems.

The newly launched horticulture application sub-site on Mouser’s website contains many valuable resources, mainly for engineers who are interested in developing horticulture and small-scale agricultural systems. The application part provides an overview of horticultural lighting and a detailed system block diagram with suggested components. Click any icon in the figure to Display a list of applicable components, including LEDs and LED drivers, heat-resistant substrates, and heat sinks. This section also lists a variety of colors of LED lights for gardening, click to link to the corresponding products provided by Mouser.

The featured products section lists important components such as LEDs, sensors and embedded solutions used in gardening systems, including OSRAM Opto Semiconductors DURIS S 5 gardening LEDs, Bosch BME280 humidity and pressure sensor, Microchip Technology AVR-IoT WG evaluation board, etc. Many products.

The article section on the sub-site of this application selects some articles focusing on mainstream gardening. Among them, “Smarter Gardening Management System” introduces the sensor monitoring platform using Microchip Xplained board, and “LED and Li-Fi illuminate interconnected lighting The “Future of the System” article describes how to use LED and Li-Fi technology to simultaneously achieve lighting and data transmission functions.

The resources section provides links to supplier application pages, white papers, etc., to provide engineers with device selection and other horticultural application considerations. This section also contains a series of videos on creating a smart city as part of Mouser’s award-winning Empowering Innovation Together? program. In the video, star engineer Grant Jinn came to Tokyo, Japan, to take us to explore the indoor vertical farm that uses 40% less electricity and 99% water than traditional outdoor agriculture.


The Links:   C070VW02-V2 SKD110-12


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