Mouser Electronics stocks the ASIL-D standard DAQ system Maxim Integrated MAX17852

April 6, 2021-Mouser Electronics, a global authorized distributor of Electronic components focused on introducing new products, will begin selling Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.’s MAX17852 14-channel high-voltage ASIL-D data acquisition (DAQ) system from now on. The product can be integrated into the car’s battery management system (BMS) to make it meet the ASIL-D requirements for voltage, current, temperature, and communication. At the same time, it can achieve excellent safety, reduce space occupation, and reduce solution costs.

The Maxim Integrated MAX17852 distributed by Mouser Electronics is a flexible data acquisition solution for managing high and low voltage battery modules in various transportation systems such as pure electric or hybrid electric vehicles. It is very suitable for use in smart junction boxes and 48V. System, as well as a variety of automotive battery systems operating at 400V, 800V and higher voltages. According to Maxim Integrated’s design, the MAX17852 can complete 14 cell voltage measurements, one current measurement, and a total of four temperature or system voltage measurements (any combination of the two) through a fully redundant measurement engine in 263µs. Alternatively, it is possible to rely solely on the analog-to-digital converter (ADC) measurement engine to perform all inputs within 156µs. MAX17852 can realize daisy chain connection with up to 32 devices, manage 448 cells, and monitor the temperature of 128 locations.

MAX17852 also uses Maxim Integrated’s battery management UART or SPI protocol, and supports I²C master interface for controlling external devices. The product’s embedded communication and hardware alarm interfaces have also been optimized to support simplified internal diagnosis and rapid alarm communication functions, as well as ASIL-D and FMEA safety requirements.

The MAX17852 has a matching MAX17852 evaluation kit. If combined with the MAX17841B evaluation kit and a PC host, designers can quickly build and evaluate a system consisting of up to 32 devices connected through a daisy chain.

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