Memory will move towards system application, Macronix: It is expected to launch “3D NOR Flash for vehicles” within 2 years

Chenggong University held the first “Chengdian Forum” on the 10th, inviting Wu Minqiu, chairman of Macronix Electronics, to share his views on the trend of the semiconductor industry and the development of new technologies. Wu Minqiu believes that in the future, the memory will change from the behind-the-scenes role of data storage in the past to the front-end role with computing functions, and finally realize the “integration of storage and computing”, move towards system application, and break away from the fate of cycle.

Wu Minqiu, with the title of “Artificial Intelligence Wave – Memory Challenges and Prospects”, pointed out that artificial intelligence will start the next wave of industrial revolution, and machine learning is highly dependent on data interception and computing, which has also led to a significant increase in the demand for high-capacity memory, and the issue of energy saving is even more important. important, so that large-capacity, low-power memory has become mainstream.

Wu Minqiu pointed out that with the continuous advancement of advanced semiconductor technology, 2D NAND and NOR have overcome the impossibility of scaling and moved towards 3D structure, maintaining the growth momentum of NAND and NAND.

In order to further reduce the power consumption of computing, the memory has also changed from a simple behind-the-scenes data storage function to a front-of-the-screen role with computing functions (Memory Centric). Wu Minqiu believes that this new solution can be combined with logic chips in the future to form more In the field of application, the memory will be reborn, from a supporting role to a protagonist, out of the fate of the cycle.

Wu Minqiu pointed out that the current applications related to computing functions are still in the research and development stage, so they will be introduced from the automotive application first and are expected to be launched within 2 years. Therefore, in the future, all the automotive electronics of electric vehicles will have Macronix NOR, and many customers are also concerned about this Products are interested.

Wu Minqiu reiterated that Macronix’s NOR Flash shortage will continue into next year, and the price will also increase simultaneously. He is also optimistic about the operating performance in 2022, especially the automotive revenue is expected to grow significantly, because the global car-related customers will find on them. In addition, Macronix NOR Flash products have been applied to low-orbit satellites, missiles and other application fields in 2015. This product meets the stringent temperature requirements of the space environment.

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