Let data security support a better digital life (People’s Daily Review)

With the accelerated development of the digital economy, data has become an important factor of production. Strengthening data governance, protecting data security, and building a strong security barrier for the sustainable and healthy development of the digital economy are the objective needs of the development of the times. In recent years, the rule of law in China’s cyberspace has pressed the “accelerator”. Data Security Law, Critical Information Infrastructure Security Protection Regulations, Personal Information Protection Law, etc. have been implemented successively, and the “Network Data Security Management Regulations (Draft for Comment)” recently opened the public for comments on laws and regulations related to data governance and data security The system will be further improved.

To enjoy a beautiful digital life, a data “safety lock” is essential. The number of netizens in my country has exceeded 1 billion, forming the world’s largest and vibrant digital society. However, in the era of big data, the rapid growth of all kinds of data and the massive accumulation of data have also brought about some new problems and challenges: opening the APP on the mobile phone, and the mandatory claim of rights of use clauses hide the risk of excessive collection of personal information; from the Internet From shopping to travel and transportation, users are accurately “portrayed” by big data, and they may also be “killed” by big data; data leakage caused by phishing websites, Trojan viruses, hacker attacks, etc. can bring harassing calls, SMS, in particular, induces telecommunication fraud and other cyber crimes… It can be said that data security has become an urgent requirement to meet the people’s needs for a better digital life.

It should also be noted that digital technology is deeply integrated with production and life, and data security has also become a major issue related to national security and economic and social development. For example, critical information infrastructure is the “nerve center” of economic and social operations, but it also faces the still severe network security situation. The Critical Information Infrastructure Security Protection Regulations institutionalize and upgrade the successful experience that has been proven in practice, and the “infrastructure” of digital life has a more solid legal guarantee. For another example, the frequent cross-border flow of large amounts of data has brought a test of digital governance capabilities, and is more related to national security, public interests, and individual rights. The importance of establishing and improving systems for cross-border security management of data is self-evident. Today, digital governance needs to continue to extend deeper.

Security is the prerequisite for development, and development is the foundation for security. Without data security, the development of the digital economy and the operation of the digital society will lose the firewall; without the vigorous development of the digital economy and the digital society, data security has become a source of water and a tree without roots. Cultivate the soil created by digital economy innovation and create an environment for the healthy development of a digital society. It is inseparable from the safe and efficient flow of data, all of which depend on the escort of the rule of law in a standardized and orderly manner. Practice has proved that when there are weak links in laws and regulations or law enforcement supervision, the market is easy to fall into the development trap of barbaric growth, eroding the foundation of the long-term healthy development of the industry, and undermining the stability and order of digital life; when we insist on the rule of law as a basic means, Given the market’s clear and stable expectations, and reaching an optimal solution for balanced development and security, market entities will take the “reassurance”, the digital dividend will be fully released, and the digital life will be better.

Data security is a global issue, and no country can be left alone. Looking at the current world, informatization, digitization, networking, and intelligence have become the general trend, but the lack of rules is a prominent challenge facing the current global digital governance field. Responding to data security risks requires a concerted effort in global digital governance. The “Global Data Security Initiative” launched by China last year has contributed to the formulation of global digital governance rules with Chinese solutions and Chinese wisdom, and is receiving positive responses from more and more countries. Only by discussing strategies to cope with data security risks and seeking global digital governance can we seize opportunities, respond to challenges, and create a more secure, prosperous, and better future in the digital age.

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