Keithley launches LXI Class B-compliant switch and integrated DMM solutions

Keithley Instruments (NYSE: KEI) released its 3700 series system switch/multimeter and plug-in card series products, which are Keithley’s switch and integrated digital multimeter (DMM) test solutions based on a new generation platform. The product realizes high-quality, instrument-level switching functions, and is suitable for a variety of applications including high-performance applications that require a large number of channels. It can control up to 576 multiplexed channels. Slot, 2U style. Its high-performance integrated DMM option has fast, low-noise measurement capabilities with a resolution of up to seven and a half digits, but the price is lower than that of ordinary six and a half digits DMM equipment.

The 3700 series system switch/multimeter products provide users with scalable high-performance switches and multi-channel measurement solutions, which are optimized for the automated testing of Electronic products and components. With Keithley’s continuous plug-in switches and control cards, the 3700 series is very suitable for functional test systems or independent data acquisition and measurement applications. It can be used for production testing and functional testing of electronic products and devices, especially multi-channel IV testing. And accelerated aging test.

The 3700 series products have four different host options, which are very flexible to use. For example, users can choose a host without an integrated DMM, or a host without a panel Display and keyboard. The host option with integrated DMM does not require the user to manually configure the external DMM and switch circuit, which saves a lot of research and development time. The USB 2.0 port on the 3700 panel provides a “portable storage” function, and users can save measurement results to non-volatile memory.

As the basic model, the 3706 has an integrated seven-and-a-half high-performance DMM. In addition to having 13 built-in measurement functions, its measurement range can be extended to a low resistance range of 1 ohm and a low current range of 10 microamperes. The 3706 host adopts a multi-processor architecture to achieve the highest measurement speed and system test productivity. It has a wide range of single-channel reading speed, up to 10,000 DCV/two-wire ohm readings per second at three and a half digits resolution, and up to 60 readings per second under seven and a half digits 26-bit resolution.

The 3700 series products also use Keithley’s Test Script Processor (TSP™) technology. TSP technology breaks through the limitations of traditional test instruments and introduces PC-like functions into test instruments. For example, users can create scripts that are embedded and executed in the tester. These test scripts can contain complete test routines, including complex judgments and instrument control functions, so that the instrument can run independently. In addition, Keithley also provides users with a free software tool, Test Script Builder, for writing, managing and debugging test scripts. This distributed processing technology reduces the intervention of the PC, eliminates the problem of bus delay, and improves test productivity and flexibility. In applications where productivity and time synchronization are not concerned, TSP can execute single-line commands like ordinary instruments, providing users with flexible choices.

Another important technology supporting TSP is TSP-Link™, which is a communication bus that allows multiple TSP-enabled instruments to be configured as a master/slave network. The expansion of the test system can be realized through TSP-Link, so that the instruments supporting TSP function (such as the 3700 series and 2600 series digital source meters) can be expanded according to the current and future changes in test requirements. This TSP-enabled instrument provides test engineers with basic components for designing highly integrated, high-capacity ATE systems.

The 3700 series system switch/multimeter is the first system switch on the market that meets the LXI Class B standard. It includes 10/100M Base-T Ethernet connection function, LAN-based instrument trigger function and Precision Time Protocol (PTP) synchronization function. PTP synchronization is a unique function that LXI C-level instruments do not have. It allows multiple instruments that support the B-level standard to achieve time synchronization and form a consistent time stamp and event coordinated operation. Its interactive graphical Web server allows users to quickly operate, diagnose the instrument and learn how to use the instrument. The 3700 series also provides some other programming interfaces, including USB and GPIB interfaces.

The 3700 series products also include six new high-density universal plug-in card options that support multiple signal and topological structures including multiplexer, matrix, and isolation switch functions. 3720 and 3721 respectively aim at dual 1X30 and dual 1X20 multiplexed cards with general switch functions. 3722 is a dual 1X48 high-density multiplexing card, very suitable for general-purpose switching applications that require a large number of channels. 3723 is a dual 1X30 high-speed multiplexer, which uses high-speed, long-life reed relays, with a response time of less than 0.5 milliseconds. Keithley Model 3730 6X16 high-density matrix switch card provides 96 double-pole crossover points. Finally, 3740 is a 32-channel isolation switch card, suitable for transmitting power signals or other high current signals. When all configured, the 3700 series mainframe supports up to 576 dual-line multiplexed channels. This industry-leading channel density will save users valuable rack space and reduce test costs. In 2008, Keithley will also add more plug-in card options to the 3700 series products.

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