Jikrypton and Sagitar have reached a strategic cooperation to promote intelligent development

On December 1, RoboSense, a smart lidar system technology company, and Geely Holding Group’s new smart pure-electric brand Jikrypton Intelligent Technology announced a strategic cooperation.

RoboSense and Jikrypton Intelligent Technology will work together through a series of collaborations to break through the shackles of the traditional industrial pattern, innovate and build a cooperative form of deep integration of the industrial chain, and systematically deepen hardware R&D, intelligent manufacturing, mass production delivery, and market collaboration. In all aspects, deepen and promote the intelligent transformation of the automobile industry, and jointly drive Chinese automobile brands to continuously leapfrog into the global innovation leader, and achieve forward-looking, intelligent, and sustainable long-term development.

Regarding the strategic cooperation between the two parties, RoboSense CEO Qiu Chunxin said: “The global automotive industry is undergoing tremendous changes in transformation and upgrading, and domestic brands have also ushered in a historical opportunity to jointly break through the existing industrial structure. Krypton has a solid foundation and insists on independent innovation. Its efforts are obvious to all and attract the attention of the industry and consumers. The in-depth cooperation between RoboSense and Krypton will face the intelligent transformation of the automotive industry and reconstruct the way in which advantageous resources are allocated in the industrial chain. Fully stimulate the innovation genes of both parties leading the industry. With RoboSense’s technical strength, continue to deepen the core competitiveness of domestic smart car brands, help partners continue to refresh market expectations, and fully protect smart driving through “intelligent manufacturing” Safety.”

An Conghui, CEO of JiKr Intelligent Technology, said: “Since its birth, JiKr has rooted the concept of’co-creation’ in the brand genes. JiKr not only insists on co-creating with users, but also co-creates with global high-quality ecological partners. JiKr It is not only an automobile brand, but also a technology brand, providing future-oriented technical solutions. With the strategic cooperation of Sagitar Juchuang, the two parties will carry out more in-depth exploration and co-creation based on the intelligent lidar system, and continue to improve the Technology reserves and scenario applications in the field of intelligent assisted driving. JKr will also work with more global high-quality ecological partners to carry out more ecological layouts in the core technology field, and jointly lead the upgrade and open collaboration of the overall smart electric vehicle industry.”

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