India claims to have developed 100% domestically produced 5G industry professionals: it is actually Nokia Ericsson parts assembly

Previously, India had announced that the country has developed 100% domestically produced 5G. The above-mentioned 5G system was built by Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries.

According to Ambani, once the 5G equipment is proven in India, Jio Platforms can export the system abroad for use by global operators. As soon as the news came out, it caused an uproar in the industry. When will India’s 5G strength be so strong?

According to media reports, the core components and systems of India’s 5G technology are all products from overseas communication equipment companies. After India’s procurement returns to the country, it will be assembled locally, and some locally manufactured non-core components will also be inserted during the process. At present, India’s domestic nationalism The mood was high, and the news of Ambani came at the right time.

Industry insiders said that the value of assembly should not be underestimated, because assembly also requires technical content. India can insert some localized parts in the assembly. These parts also have their value, but they are all within its ability, not core parts. .

Regarding the future of India’s 5G system, the outside world generally believes that for a long time in the future, India will follow the road of assembly and it is difficult to develop independently. So in the final analysis, the core of 5G equipment in India is still provided by Nokia and Ericsson. When buying 5G equipment, India plays a role as a subcontractor, earning channel fees from it.

It is reported that Indian telecommunications companies are indeed expanding overseas and occupy a certain market share in African countries. But these Indian companies are not using Indian technology, but are purchasing on a global scale and using their channels to develop locally.

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