How to distinguish domestic Changxin DDR4 memory?Just watch it

A few days ago, Kuai Technology released the evaluation of Netac Jueying RGB DDR4-3200 CL14 memory. It uses domestic Changxin memory particles, and it can achieve such specifications. Before, only Samsung B-Die, and the price is much more expensive. .

After the article was sent out, I received many questions from friends: “This particle is a bit similar to a certain star’s B-Die, did you change it with their particle?” “Is the Changxin particle really so powerful?”, “How can I tell what kind of particles the memory is?”

In order to rectify the name of the domestic memory, and to help you distinguish between the domestic Changxin and other brands of particles, today I will simply follow the popular science.

First of all, in appearance, Changxin particles are obviously different from other particles.

Samsung and SK Hynix expect that some of Micron’s particles will have a length and width of 11×7.5mm. Samsung can achieve 3200MHz frequency and CL14 timing B-Die particles, which is also this size.

Changxin pellets are divided into two specifications, one is the old M-Die with a size of 12×8mm, and the other is the new A-Die with a size of 12×7.5mm.

Netac’s limited edition RGB DDR4 is the new A-Die.

Let’s talk about Netac, it is also very active in the recent storage market. It has successively released three models: DDR4-3200 14-14-14-34, DDR4-3200 14-16-16-36, and DDR4-3600 16-18-18-38. Light.

It is understood that Netac’s memory uses two types of particles, one is the original original surface, and the other is Netac’s laser engraving, which will be printed with Netac’s own logo.

These two kinds of particles have two-dimensional code logos produced by Changxin’s original factory, including those made by Netac laser.

Among them, the limited edition of DDR4-3200 14-14-14-34 uses the original particles, and the particles of DDR4-3200 14-16-16-36 and DDR4-3600 16-18-18-38 will be used. , But there is no obvious difference in quality and performance.

Finally, I still want to praise the rapid progress of domestic storage manufacturers in the past two years.

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