From success to another success, how does the Huawei P50 treasure box become another folding machine boutique?

Although Huawei is not the only manufacturer launching folding mobile phone products on the market, it is probably only the Huawei Mate X series that is really successful, which occupies more than 70% of the entire folding machine market at the most expensive product price. Why is Huawei’s folding screen successful? Some people may think it is luck or preconceptions, but with the launch of Huawei’s new folding screen flagship Huawei P50 treasure box on December 23, it has once again attracted strong attention from the industry. Huawei also once again announced to the industry through its products how to build it. A boutique folding screen.

What do users buy when they buy a folding screen?

At this stage, the advantages and disadvantages of folding screens are very obvious. The advantage is that a larger Display screen can be obtained, so as to achieve a user experience and function extension beyond ordinary mobile phones. The disadvantage is that the mobile phone is generally heavier and inconvenient to carry. From this perspective, how to make the folding screen thin and light may be the first question for the product. So we have also seen folding screen products with smaller screens and lighter weights. At this time, we will find that the embarrassment is that the widescreen audio and video display effect after opening is actually not much different from the bar phone with a larger screen. .

So I think that the core key point of folding screen mobile phone sales is not based on the advantages and disadvantages of the mobile phone itself, but a manifestation of the spirit of the user. Consumers are willing to choose folding screen products because they send a different signal to others, that is, I have requirements for mobile phones, and my mobile phones are different from ordinary people. I think this is probably a key to the success of high-end mobile phones. It requires the product design to brand to fit the spiritual characteristics of consumers, so that consumers can send a signal or even a belief from the choice of this product to the outside world. I think this should be one of the keys to the success of the Huawei Mate X series. The texture, technology, and beauty it presents has a very strong Huawei brand temperament, and its top-level hardware configuration, deep adaptation of the software system, and It conveys the essence of Huawei’s technology. It is not surprising that this product that integrates Huawei’s advantages has been recognized by high-end users and has become the best-selling folding screen mobile phone. And the business temperament passed on from the beginning to the end of the Mate series is also perfectly embodied in this series of products.

From the model point of view, the new Huawei P50 treasure box reflects that it is a folding screen mobile phone that continues the characteristics of the P series. Compared with the Mate X series, we can see that Huawei has different product concepts in building the P50 treasure box. For example, the P50 Pocket’s double-sided three-dimensional micro-engraving process (crystal diamond white color matching) is a groundbreaking glass panel process that achieves the most complex light and shadow effects on the thinnest glass, bringing a unique texture to the smartphone industry And beauty. Huawei’s aesthetic designers have injected soul into the design of this product, and this ultimate spiritual delivery is obviously what high-end users want to be seen by others.

Technology is the most important support

In fact, no matter whether it is business exquisiteness or beauty, no matter how good the appearance is, it needs the support of the ultimate technical pursuit. The exterior design of Huawei P50 Pocket seems to be an aesthetic proposition, but in essence it is also a technical problem, such as how to emboss double-sided lines on the glass, how to control the cut surface to a diamond-like cut surface, and what coating to use to match the glass. To achieve the same transparency as the Louvre, the bottom layer of these craftsmanship attempts is hard-core technical support. In this process, Huawei has also accumulated a large number of process patents in order to achieve a leading role for the entire industry through its technological advantages.

In terms of hard-core configuration, Huawei P50 Pocket also continues the core advantages of the P series to the extreme, with the most powerful imaging system on the ultra-thin body. In particular, based on the integration of flagship imaging capabilities such as the P50 series primary color engine and computational optics, it brings a brand-new hyperspectral imaging system that can capture the information of the invisible spectrum in the natural world. The hyperspectral super image unit allows the Huawei P50 Pocket to discover details outside of visible light and participate in the XD Fusion Pro computational photography process. It can also capture detailed information in the imaging, providing clearer and more accurate image restoration capabilities. After more spectral information is sensed by the hyperspectral super imaging unit, Huawei P50 Pocket has a stronger scene environment perception ability, can intelligently recognize the scene, and bring the best shooting experience. The industry’s first new technology is launched, bringing it to the industry Image black technology that breaks through physical boundaries.

It must be said that the biggest difference of Huawei P50 Pocket is not only the folding, but also the design of the external screen. When the traditional square external screen design is generally adopted in the industry, the back of the Huawei P50 treasure box adopts a mirror and one-phase “Vanxiang double ring” design. A circular screen is placed in the ring below to perfect the functionality and aesthetics. Fusion, and highly recognizable.

At the same time, the new product is equipped with a new generation of smart terminal operating system HarmonyOS 2, which brings users a wealth of card services and experiences. The popular card service design in the Hongmeng system is presented here with a circular interface, which can be easily achieved by sliding Many card functions can be realized. Swipe from right to left is Huawei mirror, camera, schedule, calendar, weather, and wallet. When you swipe from left to right, you can display music, navigation, sports, recording, etc. playing in the background. The event card slides out. Swipe down from the top, and the message center will slide out. Minimal operation, the most core function and information provision, under the condition of ensuring the complete function, realize the perfect ID design presentation. After the super privacy mode is turned on, when the user closes the phone, the P50 box will automatically turn off the camera, microphone and location information, giving users more peace of mind.

Experience is the key to winning consumers

No matter how beautiful the phone is and how powerful the configuration is, the user experience is still the first. If there is no way to achieve the same convenient experience as traditional mobile phones, it is difficult to convince consumers to continue to choose this special product for long-term use.

The Huawei P50 treasure box brings many innovations at the experience level, because it is also in the form of a bar phone when opened, and the folded form allows a larger screen to be easily put in your pocket. This is particularly friendly for women, and it is also an advantage for men. At the same time, the Huawei P50 treasure box is also a powerful “assistant” in beauty skin management, which can help users detect skin status in real time. Enter the Mirror App through the external screen. After clicking it, you will enter the sunscreen detection interface to visually detect whether the sunscreen on the face is evenly applied. HUAWEI P50 treasure box skin test is different from ordinary skin test software in that it can deeply detect the skin condition through hyperspectral imaging technology, and operate according to intelligent voice prompts, which will generate a comprehensive skin test record and provide users with the measurement results. Reasonable nursing advice.

At the same time, Huawei has realized information notification, phone operation, music experience, walking navigation, wallet experience and many other experiences within this square inch, so that the P50 treasure box can realize many functions without opening it. This concept is actually It is exactly the same as the complete external screen experience of the Mate X series.

This gives people the feeling that when they are not opened, they can complete all necessary work. When they are opened, it is the opening of a new world door, which brings a huge impact not only to oneself, but also to others. I think this is the kind of upgrade and explosion that users need, and it is also the most different place between Huawei and other folding screen phones. Some folding screen phones are not successful enough. I think the essential reason is that either the external screen experience is castrated, the internal screen adaptation is ignored, or the opening and use are overemphasized, and the completeness of the non-opening experience is ignored. For a person who has been using a folding screen phone for a long time, the most efficient state is actually the unopened state, and once opened, I hope to have a sense of productivity improvement, and be able to quickly enter a dedicated work or entertainment state. . Huawei’s folding screen mobile phone is currently the only product that I think can achieve this kind of experience.

The Huawei P series has gone through 10 years. When everyone is worried about the development of Huawei mobile phones, the emergence of Huawei P50 Pocket has once again verified Huawei’s innovative strength. This is an extraordinary work that breaks the norm, and it is also an indomitable and shocking work. I believe that honeding will only make Huawei do better, and the new Huawei P50 Pocket is bound to become the “best flagship” in the vertical folding form in the minds of users.

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