Foreign media: BOE may miss iPhone 13 OLED screen supply

On November 25, according to foreign media reports, at the beginning of this year, foreign media reported that domestic screen manufacturer BOE will supply some OLED screens for Apple’s new iPhone 12 this year, but from the final result, Foreign media reports did not come as expected, and the OLED screens required for the iPhone 12 were all supplied by Samsung Display and LG Display.

After failing to supply OLED screens for the iPhone 12, foreign media reported in September that BOE is still expected to enter Apple’s supply chain next year and supply OLED screens for the iPhone 13 in the second half of next year.

But judging from the latest reports from foreign media, BOE will still not be the OLED screen supplier for Apple’s new iPhone next year.

In the latest report, foreign media said that Apple has tested BOE’s OLED screen, but it still fails to meet Apple’s requirements, which means that Samsung Display and LG Display will still be required for Apple’s new iPhone next year. The only two suppliers of OLED screens.

Foreign media mentioned in the report that BOE has no chance to become Apple’s OLED screen supplier for iPhone in 2021, and it is still a problem of yield, but Apple is also considering including BOE in the supply chain and using BOE’s OLED screens in refurbished iPhones and screen repairs .


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