Digi-Key Electronics Announces Partnership with Analog Devices on Innovative MeasureWare Platform Program

Digi-Key Electronics, a global distributor of Electronic components, today announced a partnership with Analog Devices on the new and innovative MeasureWare platform. With this multi-sensor platform, Digi-Key customers can begin designing with immediate availability and pricing for qualifying products.

“We are extremely proud that Analog Device has selected us as a partner for this new intuitive platform,” said David Stein, Digi-Key’s Vice President of Global Supplier Management. “This partnership reflects Digi-Key’s supreme commitment to That is, to support the work of our design engineers, we are continually streamlining every aspect of our business, including the procurement process.”

This new platform enables Digi-Key’s customers to have their own custom software and marketplaces without having to spend time configuring hardware or writing firmware. With the intuitive MeasureWare Software Studio and a quick-start measurement platform, MeasureWare enables design engineers to get a solution up and running for their specific needs in minutes.

“We want to help our customers get measurement data easily and quickly,” said Leo McHugh, vice president of instrumentation and precision technology at Analog Devices. “Digi-Key is our trusted partner and we are excited to work together to bring flexible and innovative MeasureWare solutions to customers around the world.”

In addition to providing innovative measurement systems, Digi-Key provides makers with a variety of EDA and design tools that help improve the efficiency of the entire design process from ideation to realization. In addition, Digi-Key offers a variety of online converters and other free tools and resources to support engineers and makers.

For more information on MeasureWare or other Analog Device products and resources available from Digi-Key, visit the Digi-Key website.

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