China Academy of Information and Communications Technology released the “Research Report on Medical Internet of Things Security (2021)”

With the implementation of the “Healthy China” strategy, innovative practices such as “smart hospitals” and “smart diagnosis and treatment” have played an important supporting role in promoting the intelligent transformation of the medical and health industry. The wide application of a new generation of information technology represented by the Internet of Things technology in the medical and health field has promoted the further development of smart medical care, enabling medical data to play a greater value in the process of diagnosis and treatment.

Based on the urgent needs of the intelligent development of the medical and health industry, the application of the medical Internet of Things has spread all over the medical industry. Multiple types and models of IoMT equipment are distributed in multiple departments, and equipment manufacturers have various remote operation and maintenance methods, resulting in an increase in the risk exposure area, and the original security protection methods are difficult to deal with. The resulting medical network security risks and challenges are increasing day by day . Hackers are increasingly targeting public medical institutions in our country. Overall, the cybersecurity situation of medical institutions in our country is not optimistic. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, cyberattacks and data theft incidents in medical institutions surged, causing not only economic losses but also risks to the health of patients. In order to promote the healthy development of the Medical Internet of Things and its ecosystem, and clarify the security risks currently faced by the Medical Internet of Things, the Security Research Institute of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and Sangfor Technology Co., Ltd. jointly researched and compiled the “Medical Internet of Things Security Research Report (2021″). year)”.

This report points out the possible security risks that IoMT devices may face in the post-epidemic era through the classification and analysis of typical business scenarios of the medical Internet of Things and the scientific judgment on the development of the medical Internet of Things industry, and further discusses how to build a security protection strategy framework for the medical Internet of Things. This paper puts forward the direction and suggestions for the security development of the medical Internet of Things, and provides a reference for the security planning related to the IoMT equipment in medical institutions.

report directory

1. Overview of the Medical Internet of Things

(1) Definition of Medical Internet of Things

(2) Business Scenarios of the Medical Internet of Things

(3) The development trend and forecast of the medical Internet of Things industry

2. The current security hidden dangers of IoMT equipment

(1) Remote operation and maintenance bring security risks of data leakage and intrusion

(2) IoMT devices without security protection capabilities are counterfeited and accessed

(3) Uncontrollable security risks due to intranet interconnection

(4) The lack of a comprehensive asset ledger leads to the black box of security risks

(5) Use of communication protocol loopholes to interrupt diagnosis and treatment business

(6) Weak self-safety awareness of medical institution staff

3. Effective methods for IoMT device security defense

(1) IoMT equipment should have safety genes before leaving the factory

(2) Ensure that there is a credible authentication verification and threat protection mechanism when accessing the network

(3) Auditing and outgoing control of remote operation and maintenance data

(4) IoMT devices should consider development security

(5) A security operation system for IoMT equipment should be established

4. Suggestions and Prospects for the Development of IoMT Device Security

(1) Attach importance to system construction and improve the IoMT security protection system

(2) In-depth industrial collaboration to create a security ecosystem for IoMT devices

(3) Facing capacity building, helping IoMT to be safe, autonomous and controllable

(4) Guide to the lighthouse effect to eliminate obstacles to the safe landing of IoMT

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