ASML’s net profit soared 64%, EUV lithography machine sold softly

Samsung and TSMC have announced their own 3nm circuit diagrams. In 2022, both TSMC and Samsung will mass produce 3nm chips, and by 2025, they will mass produce 2nm chips.

In addition to TSMC and Samsung, Intel is also gearing up. If you want to enter advanced processes such as 5nm and 3nm as soon as possible, it can be said that the battle for advanced chip manufacturing is really imminent.

ASML’s net profit soared 64%, EUV lithography machine sold softly

As an indispensable equipment for chip manufacturing at 7nm and below, EUV lithography machine has also become a hot cake for these three major manufacturers. Therefore, ASML’s shipment volume of EUV lithography system will increase in the third quarter of 2021. Revenue hit a record high.

According to ASML’s report, in the third quarter, revenue was 5.241 billion euros, a year-on-year increase of 32.4%; net profit was 1.740 billion euros, a year-on-year increase of 63.8%.

In addition, the amount of new orders in the third quarter reached 6.2 billion euros, of which 2.9 billion euros came from EUV system orders, accounting for about half. It can be seen that manufacturers are already grabbing EUV lithography machines in advance.

ASML’s net profit soared 64%, EUV lithography machine sold softly

In fact, not only EUV lithography machines are sold softly, but ASML’s DUV lithography machines are also sold softly. According to ASML, from 15 years ago, the first immersion lithography machine was mass-produced in 2006 to the third quarter. ASML has shipped 1,000 ArF immersion lithography machines.

And this year’s shipments have accelerated significantly. The reason is that due to the lack of cores that began in the second half of 2020, major wafer manufacturers have continued to expand production, and then crazy purchases of various lithography machines, resulting in ASML sales. Greatly increased.

As for the fourth quarter, ASML is also very optimistic, saying that it expects expected revenue of approximately 4.9 billion euros to 5.2 billion euros, with a gross profit margin of approximately 51% to 52%.

To be honest, at present, in the field of lithography machine, whether it is DUV or EUV, there is no manufacturer that can compare with ASML, so the ASML lithography machine is not worried about selling at all, and it is completely a seller’s market.

And ASML’s EUV lithography machine cannot be sold to China for the time being, so our own lithography machine really has to work hard, otherwise we have been relying on ASML and have been unable to buy EUV lithography machines, so chips of 7nm and below will not be able to manufacture.

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