Apple is stuck in the battery door again, can the iPhone 12 still sell well?

I believe that some fans who have been paying attention to Mingmei Infinite to this day should be clear. Recently, Apple-related news has been taken up by iPhone 12. But Guofan is the group that dislikes the new and dislikes the old. Otherwise, they will not use an iPhone. No change every year. If you still have an impression of the popular events, you must remember the iPhone down-frequency gate incident that caused global users to complain and criticize. This can be regarded as a more serious public relations crisis in Apple’s history, which has caused Apple’s image. Very bad influence.

Apple is stuck in the battery door again, can the iPhone 12 still sell well?

This isn’t Apple’s trouble again, this time it is still the hot product iPhone.

Apple is facing class-action lawsuits in many European Union countries, claiming about 180 million euros (approximately at least 1.3 billion yuan). Uroconsumers, a rights protection organization composed of five European consumer organizations, filed a class action lawsuit against Apple in Belgium and Spain, claiming that Apple’s description of the battery life of some older iPhone models is misleading. The old iPhone models involved in the lawsuit include iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhones 6S and iPhones 6S Plus.

Uroconsumers said in an e-mail statement that it will also file lawsuits against Apple in Italy and Portugal in the coming weeks.

In fact, before this, Apple has already encountered many lawsuits in the United States. Last month, Apple reached a settlement agreement with more than 30 states in the United States, and is expected to pay $113 million in compensation.

The so-called “iPhone battery door” incident refers to Apple’s slowing down of old iPhones through system updates, thereby forcing users to buy new phones. Apple also admitted that there is indeed a system update that can down-clock iPhones that use old batteries. But at the same time, it said that this is for the good of users and can avoid sudden shutdown problems caused by excessive battery consumption and performance problems.

It is also worth mentioning today that this year’s iPhone 12 does not have a charger included in the package. This seems to have become a common perception among users. Apple said that this move is for environmental protection. Although this reason has been relieved by some users, it will cost more for those users who do not have suitable charging equipment on hand.

However, some countries do not buy it, and it is expressly stipulated that no accessories will not be sold!

According to reports, Procon-SP, a consumer protection agency in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has decided to require Apple to attach a charger to the iPhone 12 on the grounds that this is an important part of a mobile device, and its removal violates local regulations. In response to this regulation, Apple responded and explained that this is to reduce carbon emissions, but the relevant parties simply ignored it, saying that environmental protection reasons were insufficient.

The most important thing is that the consumer protection agency Procon-SP directly poked Apple’s weakness and pointed out that Apple’s marketing materials did not mention the removal of the charger. Although it is only in Sao Paulo, reports say that Brazil is considering consistency at the national level.

In addition to Brazil, the iPhone 12 sold in France is also equipped with headphones. This is because France stipulated in 2003: For the health of users, all the prices sold in France must be equipped with earphones. Because the French believe that users do not need to hold the phone close to their ears when using headphones to avoid exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Although this argument is not scientific, the French version of the iPhone 12 is equipped with wired headphones as standard, and the price has not been increased. People often say that shops bully customers. It seems that the only way to restrain these big brands is to rely on national laws and regulations to protect the rights and interests of consumers.

Apple is stuck in the battery door again, can the iPhone 12 still sell well?

In addition, sharp-eyed netizens also found that the iPhone 12 series has the highest price in Brazil, and the same model is $500 higher than the United States.

If you want to buy a 64GB iPhone 12 mini, you need to pay US$1270 in Brazil, and US$729 for the same model in the US. The 512GB iPhone 12 Pro is priced at US$2,535 in Brazil, and the most expensive iPhone 12 Pro Max in the United States is priced at US$1,399.

However, by the way, because the iPhone 12 has not yet been launched in Argentina, Brazil may soon lose its number one position, and the price in Argentina is generally higher. Apple did not discuss how they set prices globally, but they vary according to the tax and currency of each country. For example, in Brazil and India, the government levies high taxes on non-nationally manufactured equipment, so the price will be relatively higher.

For domestic consumers, the National Bank version of iPhone 12 is best not to include accessories. Although the original Apple accessories are more expensive, domestic accessory manufacturers have already prepared third-party charging heads for the iPhone 12 series, and the general price is only tens of yuan. If you don’t pursue the Apple Family Bucket, choosing a third-party charging head is obviously more affordable than asking for additional accessories and increasing the price.

In addition, data from Apple’s official website shows that iPhone 12 and mini are already available from stock, but the iPhone 12 Pro series continues to be out of stock. It also brings the overall price reduction of the iPhone 12/12 mini. Although there are analysts who broke the news every year that Apple has further reduced the cost of iPhone, it is a long-term fact that the demand for iPhone flagship models is in short supply.

Finally, what Mingmei wants to say is: since the launch of the iPhone 12 series, the outside world has received mixed praises and criticisms. A large part of the reason is that the first anniversary of 5G commercial use, the domestic 5G infrastructure is in the ascendant, and Apple’s launch of the 5G flagship model at this time can be said to be aimed at For Chinese 5G users, its main competitor was sanctioned by the United States at this time. The divestiture of Honor has revealed the business trend of Huawei. The high-end mobile phone market in Greater China may become the best place for Apple to cut leeks nowadays.

The acceleration of the 5G replacement wave has allowed Apple to gain the marketing initiative.As a high-end consumer positioned Apple, it will not degrade its honor to cater to the low-end market.The iPhone has never been a product that attracts new flows for e-commerce platforms. It is a basic product for high-end users to pursue a sense of technology. The iPhone is not Apple’s half-life, but the iPhone sales data is Apple’s barometer. When you choose a 5G mobile phone, iPhone 12 must still be the first choice.

So, what Cook wants is to let the iPhone 12 fly for a while. After all, Double Twelve is coming again soon.

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