5G ToB accelerates development, industry private network will become the next golden track

Based on the profound accumulation in the field of cloud services and the in-depth observation of the development of the 5G industry, H3C Group, a subsidiary of Tsinghua Unigroup, has launched a 5G IoT private network solution with a 5G converged intelligent engine as the core to achieve unified IoT service carrying, data The local closed-loop is controllable, and the entire network is self-managed and self-service.

In 2020, 5G development will enter the fast lane. In March, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Notice of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Promoting the Accelerated Development of 5G”, which can be called the “General Program” for China’s 5G development in 2020; Completed network and end-to-end data services; in July, the 3GPP TSG#88 plenary meeting announced the freezing of the 5G R16 standard; in December, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued 5G mid- and low-band frequency licenses to the three major operators… The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s public data shows that, By the end of 2020, my country has built more than 700,000 5G base stations, and the number of 5G terminal connections has exceeded 180 million.

It is a consensus in the industry that 5G will bring great changes to the industry. Miao Wei, former minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, once proposed a “28 rate” for 5G application scenarios, that is, about 20% of 5G application scenarios are ToC and 80% are ToB. : “In addition to solving the interaction and communication between people, the greater application of 5G is in the Internet of Things and the Industrial Internet.” On the consumer side, 5G public network coverage continues to increase, and smartphones are rapidly iterating on 5G; on the industrial side, 5G private networks can be customized for the diverse needs of vertical industries, and have become the core means of 5G empowerment industries.

To borrow a sentence from Ms. Peng Zhao, the founder of the Internet of Things think tank: “If you want to integrate into the ToB industry market, 5G has to rely on the private network to open the way.”

Accurately understand industry needs and clear obstacles for the implementation of private networks

In the “5G Industry Private Network White Paper” released by China Unicom, the 5G private network is divided into three private network modes: virtual private network, hybrid private network, and independent private network, which fully covers smart cities, intelligent transportation and other scenarios. Wide-area IoT business, local IoT business in scenarios such as intelligent security and industrial manufacturing, and IoT business in local closed scenarios such as high-precision manufacturing.

According to GSMA Intelligence, between 2023 and 2025, 25% to 40% of SMEs will use services provided by private networks. The latest research from ABI Research also shows that by 2030, the demand for private network deployment by various enterprises will create a market of more than 60 billion US dollars.

However, the landing of the private network is not a smooth road.

At the recently held “Dial the Mistakes 2020 AIoT Industry Year-end Ceremony”, Du Lizheng, the IoT solution architect of H3C Group, gave the audience a wonderful speech entitled “5G Edge IoT, Enabling Digital Transformation”. Based on his in-depth observation of the industry, he accurately summarized the challenges faced by the 5G industry private network implementation.

5G ToB accelerates development, industry private network will become the next golden track

First, the 5G IoT terminal industry is still immature. The cost of 5G modules is relatively high and has not yet fallen to a reasonable price range. At the same time, many technical features of 5G have not yet been fully commercialized, so they cannot meet the access needs of IoT services in all industries in the short term; second At present, there is no dedicated frequency band for the 5G industry in China, and industry customers still have doubts about the data security guarantee and real-time service effect of the 5G private network provided by the operator; third, 5G deployment involves complex tasks such as network planning and network optimization, and 5G also requires Integration with industry-specific services involves the division of labor interface issues in network management.

These challenges also reflect the actual needs of enterprises for 5G industry private networks. First, the industry private network needs to meet multi-service access, that is, to carry IoT services in a unified manner; second, the industry private network should provide service guarantees according to different business types, build a local closed loop of business data, and achieve business isolation; third, deploy 5G After the private network is established, industry customers should monitor the network status independently, and flexibly apply the network for business configuration according to their own business needs.

Cloud-network integration to create an industry-specific network IoT hub

Based on the profound accumulation in the field of cloud services and the in-depth observation of the development of the 5G industry, H3C Group, a subsidiary of Tsinghua Unigroup, has launched a 5G IoT private network solution with a 5G converged intelligent engine as the core to achieve unified IoT service carrying, data The local closed-loop is controllable, and the entire network is self-managed and self-service.

On the IoT access side, the cloud-based 5G small station independently developed by H3C can flexibly expand IoT communication capabilities such as Wi-Fi, RFID and UWB according to customer needs, and a single network can carry all IoT business access in the industry; On the network and platform side, H3C’s “5G Fusion Intelligent Engine” integrates core capabilities such as the 5GC lightweight core network, Oasis IoT platform and unified management system to create the IoT hub of the 5G industry private network; on the application side, H3C joins hands with the industry Partners gather all-scenario 5G IoT applications to meet the business needs of industry customers in different scenarios.

Specifically, the “5G Fusion Intelligent Engine” is deployed in the enterprise’s local cloud, and the 5G private network is constructed through the 5GC core network and 5G cloud-based small stations. Through the Oasis Internet of Things platform, the Internet of Things data of the industry’s private network is aggregated, and the standard interface is opened to the upper-level industry application. In addition, through the unified management system, the network and terminal equipment are conveniently managed in a unified manner.

Among them, the IoT platform plays an important role in the new H3C solution as an important starting point for connecting the system and breaking the information island. The H3C Oasis IoT platform is based on the Docker micro-service architecture, integrating IoT terminal connection management, IoT terminal device management, IoT middle platform and other subsystems, embedded with general IoT applications and basic components, and connecting to multiple manufacturers and multiple The protocol terminal equipment supports multi-scenario and multi-industry IoT applications upwards. It can quickly connect to the customer’s existing business system based on the IoT middle platform, and realize the strategic linkage between the terminal and the business system as well as the business system. Based on the Oasis IoT platform, users can achieve unified access to network, data, and IoT services, and upper-layer applications of different departments and services can share IoT resources to avoid duplication of construction.

In addition to adapting to LPWAN, short-range wireless, and wired protocols, the Oasis IoT platform can also support new IoT protocols based on microservices and standard interfaces. , Aggregate industry partners to help users realize the unified bearing of multiple scenarios and multiple services of the 5G industry private network.

According to Du Lizheng, IoT Solution Architect of H3C Group, H3C joined hands with China Mobile Research Institute and Zhejiang Mobile to conduct a pilot 5G small-site private network in the 4.9Ghz frequency band in Hangzhou in 2020, and completed a lightweight 5GC core network for the government and enterprise industries. The verification of the private network network lays the foundation for the subsequent implementation of the private network in the mobile vertical industry.

On the ToB side, H3C assisted a manufacturing company in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou to build a 5G IoT private network smart factory, providing it with MEC edge computing, 5G cloud-based small station, IoT platform and WCG unified management platform, helping the factory to complete digital transformation and achieve lower costs. Benefit.

The Oasis IoT platform has also achieved mature applications in the fields of smart medical care, smart classrooms, smart office, smart parks, smart door locks, etc. The adaptable terminals cover public services, energy monitoring, environmental perception, fire safety, security, office and home, Personal care health, medical equipment and many other scenarios.

In addition, Du Lizheng also introduced to the audience the private network business model that H3C has summarized in the practice of a large number of government and enterprise industry projects – “5G industry ecology + operators” to empower industry customers. Project operation is mainly divided into two modes: operator-led and integrator/service provider-led. Operator-led, the operator will bring service providers or integrators to the industry and deliver them through service subscription or project integration; integrators or service providers are led, and the integrators or service providers will deliver overall projects for industry customers. And purchase the operator’s 5G private network service.

By 2021, the 5G private network is entering a stage of mature technology and abundant applications. In the future, H3C will continue to work with industry partners and operators to continue to explore the mature implementation of the 5G industry private network.

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